Friday, February 16, 2018

Another School Shooting...

Millions of words have been said and written about the latest school shooting, this time in Florida.

There are really only two salient reasons for what happened:

1) The destruction of our culture by the Fascist Left.

2) Not enough good guys with guns where they need to be.

It'll take a long time to fix what the Left has done to our culture...and we should get started on that as soon as possible. I like to think that that's what MAGA is all about!

But meanwhile, we can fix #2 overnight.

Every school should have armed guards. Not fat, slow rent-a-cops...but badass, seriously engaged, well-trained DEFENDERS—with badass weapons.

Start with, say, Special Forces guys and other combat vets, fresh out of the military, looking for jobs!

(Let one of these school-shooter punks run up against a Navy Seal!)

And because there are not enough military trained personnel for every school in about one of the MANY regular Americans that have trained with guns, know what they're doing, understand self-defense, and can actually hit what they aim at?

So, while we're protecting every child in America from getting murdered at school...


...we can start to try to figure out how to rebuild our wrecked and savaged culture.



  1. I haven't watched TV or over 20 years now but that doesn't mean I'm not aware of what is happening and some of the defining images that reach the public. The most sickening picture I can recall from the recent past was that of a militarized police force conducting house to house searches in a Boston suburb and marching ordinary citizens out of their homes at gun point with their hands raised. All of this to find one suspected terrorist admitted to our country by our government and a fugitive in a government created gun free zone.

    I don't want to see an armed policeman in every room of every place that has been decreed a gun free zone. That is exactly what the left wants, a police state where everyone is disarmed and watched by some armed government employee. The insanity of gun free zones needs to end and Americans need to take their country back - by being armed and prepared to defend it against criminals and and out of government.

  2. Just a correction - the last sentence should read "in and out of government." We have quite a few criminals in governments and I'm not sure I want to see their roles increase.