Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Simple (not Easy) Fix

Given the insanely evil conspiracy among the Clinton Campaign, the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ and the MSM to take down Candidate, then President Donald Trump....

...we have a serious, critical, existential problem in America.

And that problem is utter corruption of our public institutions:

One political party is utterly, treasonously corrupt.
Our top law enforcement institutions are utterly, treasonously corrupt.
Our so-called "press" is utterly, treasonously, corrupt.

We cannot remain a free country with this going on.

When political actors can secretly direct Federal Law Enforcement to investigate you because they don't like your politics, because they're covering up their own crimes, because you are convenient patsy and excuse to investigate a political rival, because you are running against them in a "free" election...

...the very survival of America is at stake.

The entire host of evil-doers all have important, powerful jobs in government, or had friends and supporters in important powerful job in government.

And that is why they got away with this wild atrocity for so long. Only the election of Donald Trump—a seeming miracle considering all the powers lined up against him—has allowed the exposure of this hideous undermining of the very essence of what America is, and what it stands for.

Now to the SIMPLE, but not easy solution to it all.

We must strip the government of its power. 

The tremendous, unconstitutional power acquired and held in Washington, by office-holders, bureaucrats, political appointees, and their supporters, hangers-on, and friends—including those in the Media, is the CAUSE of our problem.

And taking that almost unlimited power away is the solution.



  1. Gun I agree with you completely but have had the same thought for past fifty years. This is not a new problem just an expanding one. You named some guilty parties above but like most people you left out the most influential ones.

    The Colleges and Universities! They teach everyone else, the Lawyers, the Politicians, the Media, the Teachers of grade schools and all our Federal Law Enforcement.

    Until people in general stop believing in higher education as the be all and end all for our future and stop supporting them in oh so many ways, I am afraid we will just have to do what we can.

    In the end it will take a new revolution to get the swamp drained. Hoped Trump could possibly do something but the odds are so stacked against anyone who tries it appears impossible.

  2. You are absolutely right. The entire Left is agianst us...and the university world is among the most powerful because it controls so many young minds...and feeds them lies.

    I'm sadly in agreement that it is likely a new revolution (or civil war) is what it will take to fix it. The entrenched powers are absolutely fixed against freedom.

  3. These comments concerning the education system are on target and have been one reason why I have championed and called for home schooling for nearly 20 years now. I tried "fixing" the system from the inside as a member of a school board but to no avail. The corruption of the education system is far deeper than anyone could imagine and has a great number of defenders whose lives depend on a steady stream of tax dollars. The idea that everyone should go to college has no other purpose than to promote indoctrination and increase the flow of money, via government loans to left wing professors, administrators and their institutions of fake learning.

  4. Unless you are studying MATH or SCIENCE, you don't need to go to college.

    I did. I have a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts i.e., radio & television.

    What do I do for a living? I'm a graphic designer.

    With no "formal" training.

    That did a lot of good...

  5. Tony Rubolotta26/2/18 10:11 AM

    You can't be too careful about where you go to college. I attended a lesser known but prestigious private engineering college that was all male and very conservative way back then. Unfortunately, it is now another bastion of political correctness, social engineering and increasing mediocrity high on buzz words. I won't contribute a penny to it now.