Thursday, January 18, 2018


"We, bombed, nuked and occupied Japan and they rebuilt their society to create prosperity, civil society to such a level that a small island became a world economic power.*

Haiti and Puerto Rico can't recover from a hurricane in spite of massive aid and assistance over long periods.
Spain was invaded and conquered for hundreds of years by Arabs. They expelled the invaders, rebuilt their society to the point it became a globe spanning empire who conquered S. America, and whose decedents largely still rule that continent.
Venezuela instituted a native government and in a short span people are eating pets and rooting in garbage to survive in spite of having vast oil resources, one of the world's most valuable commodities, abundant agricultural potential, and the infrastructure left behind by the previous Spanish aristocracy.
Europe was repeatedly raided and conquered by Arabs, Turks, Huns, Mongols. Its people killed and enslaved, its farms and cities destroyed. They overcame the depredations and built a civilization that became the envy of the world and continues to power the unprecedented prosperity of people all over the world. So attractive that a world full of people who call us despicable want nothing more that to get as close as possible to us.
Boers and Englishmen created prosperous civil societies in Rhodesia and S. Africa. Productive farms and industries, gleaming cities, pleasant suburbs. Africans took over and in a generation turned them into s-holes.
China was repeatedly invaded and colonized. In spite of a debilitating and sometimes genocidal communist government that have resurrected their society and are building an economic powerhouse.
These outcomes are not accidental. Nor are they the product of magic dirt, or mystical propositions.
The entire Prog and Neocon narrative is built on convincing people to not notice reality and its plain lessons. To act upon the fictitious narrative instead of the rational assessment of reality."

comment by eyesfrontmen at CNS News

*I do want to point out that America sort of HELPED!

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