Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Comment of the Day...

 "Why do you hate America?" 
(from commentor, 'Juvenal', insinuating that since Øbama was elected twice, criticizing Øbama is "hating" the America that elected him....)

TaylorRod responds:

"You mean the trusting and sometimes unsophisticated Americans duped and lied to by this totalitarian saboteur with the full participation and assistance of a communist totalitarian media, all of whom want Americans on the reservation over which they rule and reign? Disarmament in the truest sense is what they represent, the cutting off of our arms, our means of self expression and volitional action.

You mean that America?

I don't hate it. I hate those who abuse and violate and defraud America.

Those who bankrupt America financially and morally, who denigrate our history and character and use subversive means to deflect our destiny and renounce our principles.

Those who make us vulnerable and sell us out to our enemies. Those who pose as oppressed minorities -- Obama the suffering overcoming black man who in actual fact enjoyed more privilege and providence in his life than any imaginary "white privileged" person could have even hypothetically received. The Obama who attended church almost every Sunday during his first term but quit after the reelection, demonstrating the cynical contempt for the public and his willingness to pose as something he isn't, his manifest affinity being for Islam and black liberation theology. The Obama who subverted every department of our government, DOJ, IRS, CIA, FBI and used our defense department as a legalistic tool for his social revolution, the drive away from individual rights and toward class warfare and enforced conformity. The Obama who posed as our leader but opened the door and subtextual rolled out the invitation to the world, expecting that the poor, the dispossessed and the outright antagonistic exploiters who'd flock into our country would be on his side, a continuing resource for statistics and democrats in the battle to deconstruct America.

The most significant truth Obama ever uttered was when he promised to "fundamentally transform America." Is that why he was elected? Did we seek a new founding father, rather than an executive to perform a constitutionally outlined function? Do you imagine that Americans understood the meaning of Obama's declaration? Or don't you think that most believed that was a metaphoric description of his commitment to make America greater, to advance our freedom, liberty, prosperity and security -- when in fact it meant the opposite.

I'm not going to go on. You are a dangerously ignorant person. Not only do you support and defend Obama even now, you don't seem tuned in. Daily we uncover more and more of the damage he's done, the secret transformation he'd undertaken to destroy what we are or were and reform us into the socialist tyranny that's close to his deluded heart.

Calling him deluded is being kind, the alternative being evil. The same might be said of you."

--TaylorRod (at PJ Media)

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