Thursday, February 09, 2017

Definition of Fascism...

"As we survey the whole scene in Italy, therefore, we may now
name all the essential ingredients of fascism. It is a form of social

1. In which the government acknowledges no restraint upon its

2. In which this unrestrained government is managed by a dictator
—the leadership principle.

3. In which the government is organized to operate the capitalist
system and enable it to function-under an immense bureaucracy.

4. In which the economic society is organized on the syndicalist
model, that is by producing groups formed into craft and professional
categories under supervision of the state.

5. In which the government and the syndicalist organizations
operate the capitalist society on the planned, autarchial principle.

6. In which the government holds itself responsible to provide
the nation with adequate purchasing power by public spending and

7. In which militarism is used as a conscious mechanism of government
spending, and

8. In which imperialism is included as a policy inevitably flowing
from militarism as well as other elements of fascism.

Wherever you find a nation using all of these devices you will
know that this is a fascist nation."

- John T. Flynn, "As We Go Marching", 1944

* * *

Sounds an awful lot like every other kind of Totalitarianism, like Socialism and Communism, and Theocracy...doesn't it?



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