Friday, February 10, 2017

Bannon the MAN!

"You show them strength, and they see toxic masculinity. You show them a winner, and they see an oppressor/exploiter. You show them someone who defends their country and culture, and they see a fascist. Their ideology teaches them that being weak is a good thing. This is why this video looks terrible to them, but looks great to us."  --Molon Labe

This comment was in response to this video, made by the Huffington Post, to show what an evil, horrible, fascist, mean, nasty man Steve Bannon is.

The rest of us, however, think it makes him look like a  smart, insightful, honest, historically aware, patriotic citizen, working for the American People, freedom and the Constitution.

Yeah, Stalinists ("liberals") are that stupid.

Go figure...


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