Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Come Follow Me, Children, and Rebel!

What if the helicopter parented snowflakes raised on the progressive narrative all their lives were to be presented with the wild, woolly, crazy freedom of Liberty, courtesy of an "Underground Gang of Rebels of the Right"?

We've despaired of the future because of the way the current generation is being raised and what they are being taught.

But the generation that started all of this Leftwing shit were raised by Conservative parents, taught by Conservative teachers and pastors in a relatively Conservative America.

The Left appealed to our youthful natural rebelliousness...and exploited it.

Can't we do the same?

After all, Individual Liberty and Freedom of Thought & Speech is a LOT MORE FUN than the progressive, speech-coded, thought-policed straitjacket the kids today are being forced into.

I think it could work.

/gun be continued.

(suggestions welcome)

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