Thursday, November 03, 2016

America's Winston Churchill

"Thus, when in 1931 the National Government was formed, Churchill, though a supporter, had no hand in its establishment or place in its councils. 

"He had arrived at a point where, for all his abilities, he was distrusted by every party. He was thought to lack judgment and stability and was regarded as a guerrilla fighter impatient of discipline. 

He was considered a clever man who associated too much with clever men—Birkenhead, Beaverbrook, Lloyd George—and who despised the necessary humdrum associations and compromises of practical politics."

Yeah, this about Winston Churchill, in 1931.

Sound like anyone you know?


"When Neville Chamberlain succeeded Baldwin, the gulf between the Cassandra-like Churchill and the Conservative leaders widened. Repeatedly the accuracy of Churchill’s information on Germany’s aggressive plans and progress was confirmed by events; repeatedly his warnings were ignored. Yet his handful of followers remained small; politically, Chamberlain felt secure in ignoring them.

 "As German pressure mounted on Czechoslovakia , Churchill without success urged the government to effect a joint declaration of purpose by Great Britain, France, and the Soviet Union. When the Munich Agreement with Hitler was made in September 1938, sacrificing Czechoslovakia to the Nazis, Churchill laid bare its implications, insisting that it represented “a total and unmitigated defeat.” 

"In March 1939 Churchill and his group pressed for a truly national coalition, and, at last, sentiment in the country, recognizing him as the nation’s spokesman, began to agitate for his return to office. As long as peace lasted, Chamberlain ignored all such persuasions."

And it gets even better...

"In a sense, the whole of Churchill’s previous career had been a preparation for wartime leadership. An intense patriot; a romantic believer in his country’s greatness and its historic role in Europe, the empire, and the world; a devotee of action who thrived on challenge and crisis...a man of iron constitution, inexhaustible energy, and total concentration, he seemed to have been nursing all his faculties so that when the moment came he could lavish them on the salvation of Britain and the values he believed Britain stood for in the world."

Yes. I am comparing Donald Trump to Winston Churchill...

Churchill was not GREAT until he was. He became a heroic leader for the ages because when the moment came, he was up to the task, he lead his country to victory and to greatness.

But before he was WINSTON CHURCHILL he was just Winston Churchill.

One day, Donald Trump will be known in the history books as DONALD TRUMP, President of the United States that lead his country to victory and to greatness.

If we miss this opportunity to elect this man at this CRUCIAL time in our will be like Winston Churchill not having been the wartime leader of England in WWII.

Can you imagine the consequences?



  1. As an Englishman (yes I'm a US citizen; an American and a patriot...but I can't cease to be English) I think you may have the right of it. I truly hope so.

  2. Welcome, Differ. (Both to the Blog and to America!) I think he has it in him. I think this is his moment. Now all we have to do is get him elected!