Wednesday, October 12, 2016

"I am a Journalist", she said

What is a "journalist", exactly?

Well, it's someone who keeps a "Journal".

And that is all the current crop of corrupt "journalists" are doing. Keeping their own personal "journals" with their little scrapbooks and diaries of how they'd like things to be with a gallon of juicy but unproven gossip thrown in for spice.

None of them is actually reporting the news.

Reporting the NEWS implies the seeking out and reporting of facts, truth, reality...undistorted by one's prejudices and biases and preferences.

That, obviously, is not happening among the MainStreamMedia. Hasn't been for years.

Indeed, below, see the list of "journalists" invited to join the Hillary Campaign at an "off the record cocktails" to "set expectations" and "frame the message" of the upcoming Hillary candidacy announcement and beginning of her campaign.

Please note:  No Reporters working for the "Free Press" were invited.

Well...I guess that such an event might be fun to write about in one's Journal. But it's hardly the stuff of the muckraking heroes of yore—indeed, they would have been horrified at the very idea. They might have gone...only with the intention of blasting out to the public on Front Pages all over the country the next morning, all the shenanigans attempted by such a crooked campaign!

(And they didn't even spell "hors d'oeuvres" correctly!)

Below are 1) the Event Memo and 2&3) the list of acceptance RSVPs from various Network "Journalists" (You can click on them to enlarge them for easier reading.)

So, when these networks or individuals speak, remember that they are not Reporters working for the Free Press, but compromised and corrupted minions of the #ClintonCartel, busy pushing their distortions, character assassinations, and lies.


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