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The New Dark Ages...

Monday, August 21, 2006

New Dark Age

Has it occurred to the jack-rabbits who want to take down The West so they can share in the "goodies" The West has "hoarded", that if they take down The West, there won't BE any goodies to share?

Don't misunderstand. I'm not talking about Islam. They don't want to share goodies. The want to return to the Dark Ages. It's the Useful Idiots of the Left, who cry, whine and catterwaul about how the rest of the world is starving and suffering because The West is successful and rich.

They seem to believe that if The West wasn't rich, powerful and successful, the rest of the world would be. Somehow, we have stolen the success, power and riches from the rest of the world.

Historically, the closest thing to the current spread of civilization, culture, and technology, was the Roman Empire. It was the high water mark of the ancient world. And when the Empire failed, the world plunged into the Dark Ages...from which it struggled for centuries to emerge.

When Rome fell, it's wealth, luxury and resources were not shared by the world. They disappeared. They disappeared because it took the organization that was the Empire to produce them.

The riches and success the Left believes The West has "stolen" from the rest of the world, and which they would liberate for the rest of the world by destroying The West, will cease to exit as soon as The West falls.

What they don't understand is that The West doesn't have wealth and success; The West is wealth and success.

A more modern example of this is the death of Rhodesia. It was a rich, prosperous, well-fed, functional and successful country. But the idea grew that the white elite, whose farmlands were the backbone of Rhodesian wealth, had "stolen" them from "the People", and that they should be "liberated" from these oppressors, and returned to the people so they could share in the wealth they produced.

But, when the lands were "liberated" and given to "the people", they ceased to be successful, profitable or productive farms. What the ignorant "liberators" failed to understand is that there was no inherent wealth in the farmland—nor a mine or well. It requires people with the knowledge, skill, the ambition and motivation, the technology and the culture to exploit its potential.

The foolish believed there was some sort of magic in the land itself; that mere ownership conferred wealth and success. Working, productive farms, creating wealth and success only had to be "owned" to produce those riches for their owner. Apparently owners were thought to be interchangeable, the land itself the source and generator of the wealth.

When they separated the original owners, the makers of success, from the land, it may as well have been a sterile desert. The new owners, the "people" expecting magical wealth produced nothing. No crops, no food, no profit. No wealth. From a successful, functioning, food-exporting country, Zimbabwe has become utterly disfunctional, a nightmare of chaos, barbarism, starvation and disease.

This is an object lesson the lunatics of the Left have to learn:

Should The West fail, the world will not suddenly share in its supposedly hoarded wealth. The wealth will fail insofar as The West does. And nothing will be left for anyone but the wisp of smoke and memory.

And a New Dark Age.

The Gunslinger

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  1. Great post. It would be great if peoplease could learn from the well publicised mistskes of others; Rhodesia being a prime example. Mist people however, lack that capacity. Have you read Fran Pretty (Liberty's Torch) or Jerry Pournelle (Chaos Manor)? Also Cipola's paper on Human Stupidity or Dunning Kruger Effect?

  2. People,
    Most people,
    Fran Poretto,
    Stupid autocorrect....

  3. Thank you so much for the recommendations. I have not read them, but will absolutely check them out.

    LOL on "autocorrect"...the bane of online

    Like communism and its repeated horrors and failures, I suspect these idiots just think they somehow will manage to do it RIGHT this time! They never learn!

    That's why it's called a "Mental Disorder", I guess, eh?

  4. >Differ, I am reading Cipolla's paper on Human Stupidity. Accurate and funny. (Love the drawings in the PDF version!)
    Thanks, again for recommending.