Friday, October 21, 2016

I Wrote This Just Over 10 Years ago....

(Monday, August 21, 2006)

Weird Random Thought

If it all really goes to hell, and the Liberals get their way and force the West to commit suicide, here's what would happen:

At first, as the New Dark Age descends, there would be 2 powers with ambitions for world domination:

Islam and China.

They are equally ruthless, careless of human life, power mad, without moral, scruple or decency.

Without civilization to sell oil to, Islam will own one big endless sterile desert. No food, no money, no technology, no science, no manufacturing, no machines, no planes, no bombs, no guns no bullets. No tanks, no missiles, no boots, no uniforms, no medicine.

They can't make any. They can't fix any.

And the only people with any to sell will be the Chinese.

At the end of the day, Islam will be history.

At least there's that.

The Gunslinger

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