Saturday, October 08, 2016

Likable Hillary

Here's an old video (link) from Bill Whittle talking about Hillary visiting Steven Spielberg to learn how to apear more "likable". (I almost said "be more likable" by that would be impossible.)

Spielberg, among other things tried to help her with her facial expressions, which were apparently quite dour, unsympathic, uncompassionate, uninterested in others—you know, reflecting how she actually feels about everyone that is not herself.

Hillary apparently latched onto that as the single key to success, and basically fired Spielberg in order to teach herself the "right" facial espressions by "practising in the bathroom mirror"...

Now, if you have ever wondered why Hillary is always pictured wide-eyed and wide-open mouthed...this might explain it.

You can see the results every day, for yourself:

The weird over-dramatic expresssions, the bugging eyes, the gaping-mouth toothy smile, the creepy laugh that is deployed at inappropriate times, and carried on too long.

These are the results of the "smartest woman in the room" making herself appear likable. This is Hillary expressing empathy and warmth, compassion and humanity:

She should have listened to that "schmuck"* Speilberg....

You see, she doesn't have the human experience of empathy and warmth, compassion, caring, she has no idea what those facial expressions feel like. She is completely faking it; trying to look friendly and open and humorous and relatable...and this is what we get.

That last one is especially telling. Notice the huge open mouth, teeth bared in a way she imagines people do when they laugh, but look at her eyes. There is not a scintilla of humor or warmth in them. That is one creepy bitch.
With all humble prayers to God above that this soulless, inhuman creature does not get elected American President, ever,


*Hillary quote.

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