Thursday, October 06, 2016

Apparently Senators are "Small Businesses"

...and get premium subsidies under Øbamacare.

Yes. These greedy, criminal, corrupt individuals, making over $100k a year, with forever pensions, goodies, perks and privileges, are getting "small business subsidies" for their healthcare coverage that normal citizens do not qualify for.

It's time to rise up and clean out the trash.



  1. I guess I haven't been paying attention. I thought they already had premium health insurance completely separate from Obamacare, that they didn't have to lower themselves to the same cheats, restrictions, "committees", and other indignities that their constituents must suffer through with Obamacare. However, I have zero doubt that any costs of their health care insurance - no matter what the source - is heavily subsidized by our taxes.

    And you are correct - it is long past Claire Wolfe's demarcation of when the "shooting" should start. There are so many lonely lampposts there in DC.

    1. Should have been "any costs . . . _are_ heavily subsidized".

  2. Trees are free. Rope is cheap.

    Time we started.