Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Comment of the day...

Transgenderism is just the latest iteration of the alternative universe inhabited by the so called progressive LEFT.

Other examples include such concepts as:

Obama is a great president

Hillary is not a criminal and the most qualified person ever to run for president

Iran's nuclear program has been stopped

Islam is a religion of peace

America is a racist country

Only white people can be racist

Obama saved us from the worst recession since the depression

CO2 is a pollutant

Anthropogenic global warming is actually happening

The so-called rich don't pay their fare share

There is no difference between men and women

All cultures are equal

All religions are irrelevant and dangerous...except Islam

The only way to come back to reality is to kick out of office every democrat and elect the Donald no matter how flawed he may appear.

MLR (American Thinker)


"....And he is looking less flawed every day...."


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