Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Be Free

The Death of Tyrants and Gun Control at Dark Triad Man

The crux:

“The purpose of lethal military grade weapons in civilian hands 
is to butcher tyrants with gunfire.”

He had me with that.

Read the rest. He will remind you who we need to be, and what we need to do.



  1. Way back when Bill Clinton promised his gun control proposals would not affect duck hunters, "B-1" Bob Dornan (R-CA) said during a Special Order, "The Second Amendment isn't about hunting ducks. It's about hunting politicians."

    Dark Triad Man looks interesting but I find no moral foundation beyond his opinions. I'll continue to check him out and hope there is more substance than just loud talk. He is right about guns, but there is something hollow about his argument.

  2. He does rather posture as, and brag about being an Alpha Male. I roll my eyes. Some of his stuff is good...but he's not a hero of mine by any means.