Friday, September 13, 2013

Wetbacks Get Licenses

Yep, the California Legislature is falling all over themselves congratulating each other for passing legislation so that Illegal Aliens—read "MEXICANS" can California Driver's Licenses.

Of course that means that every single one of them will be voting in all future California elections. You know those things that used to be CITIZENS of a country determining the course of the country.

But that's so discriminatory. Why the hell should only CITIZENS of a country determine its policies, laws, culture and future?


This is actually what one of these assholes said:

“This is a moment, members,” sponsor Assemblyman Luis Alejo, D-Watsonville, said in closing remarks on the Assembly floor, “that years from now you’re going to look back on.”

Read more here:

 Not sure what he meant, because he really didn't finish that sentence did he? But here...let me do it for him.

 "This is a moment, members, that years from now you're going to look back on as the final blow in the Mexicanization and reconquest of California for a foreign country. A day that you surrendered your State to a corrupt foreign government, mostly illterate foreign people, and a failing foreign culture. Congratulations....and La Raza!!!!!."

There. That's better.



  1. Wetbacks - for shame, for shame. Don't you know that they are undocumented workers. Of course, not all of them are workers. Some are welfare bums, some are criminal, some just sit around. I've heard that the proper term is home invaders.