Saturday, September 14, 2013

Violence Will Beget Violence

In yet another story of black-on-white random killing, the perp being a black 17-year-old named Jamal Jackson and the victim a 71-year-old man out shopping... a commenter at CBS Miami* website says:

"big boy crime should pay with big boy time..."

That's a pretty good rule, seems to me.


*There is a shocking amount of white anger displayed in the comments. At a CBS site! Things are getting ugly, and if the black race-baiters continue the way they're going, serious racial violence is on the horizon.

Between the black race hustlers and the compliant white-guilt media, they are stirring up a violent segment of black teenagers and young adults to act-out by committing violence against "the first white person" they see.

This can only end badly.

It must stop immediately.

Are you listening Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Barry Ă˜bama?

Now is your moment to do the first good, altruistic thing you have ever done: Save the next black kid from a life in prison or execution by the State... by discouraging violence instead of fomenting it.


UPDATE:  Here's another (perversely funny) comment about the same story:

"Lynching is so underrated."

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