Thursday, September 19, 2013

Meditation on Race

The following is a comment to this article: Against Racism,  on American Thinker.

by ThePeeledEye

"I am not sure that I have seen blatant racism here. Perhaps.

I have seen good people who have used specific words (vulgar) that probably would not have been acceptable here at AT in previous times. Why is this happening? It is happening because the level of frustration, and concern for this nation has reached a fever pitch. Many Americans are at wit's end, and deeply worried that there will be so fundamental a change in these United States that we will no longer recognize our country. Their wealth is fast being funneled into a Kafkaesque Bureaucracy by a leadership that includes persons who have been lifelong communists, most especially, this president. I, and almost everyone here at American Thinker, could care less what color he is.

The American people have few places to turn as they watch this president, the Democrats and, now, the Republicans "transform" this country into what is becoming something more akin to what I have called a fascist-racialist state. There is a fascist-socialist system rising here. We see it in crony-capitalism, a disregard of laws by those in the highest positions, including this president and this attorney general, a blatant disregard of our Constitutional protections, loss of BASIC freedoms (and this is fast increasing), and what is becoming a systematic waiving of laws for some and not for others. We are, also, witnessing the extreme abuse, misuse, and deliberate wastefulness of the hard-earned wealth of the people of this nation. Add a mammoth program where ARBITRARY Distribution of the Wealth of this nation is continuing at a feverish pace, and it certainly looks like Fascist-Socialism. This is what the Tea Party is trying to counter.

We are, also, witnessing abusive racialist name calling by members of the Black Caucus and others in our government toward white Americans, and Americans who are more conservative. There is a systematic use of divisive language by this president, and it is clear that it is, often, racial in tone. The laws being prosecuted by this "Justice" Department are in behalf of "minorities", illegals, felons, and non-citizens, and against those who are not. Inequity, distribution of wealth, and favoritism is rampant in this administration. Those who are successful are demonized, and the implication is that the gains of the successful were at the expense of those less prosperous. More harmful divisiveness! That is the implication that this president conveys when he continually refers to "fair share", whatever that means. I see RACISM rising in America, and it is implicitly supported by this president and this attorney general.

There are many men who comment here at American Thinker who have served this country. They, and we, are witnessing the political class turn their backs on them (including, in my view, this president). Some have been through hell, and have witnessed their military leaders kowtow to "diversity" (i.e., islamic intolerance and hatefulness). Major Hasan was given a pass, for years, by some of these military leaders, and the result was that members of our military were murdered in cold blood right here in this country on an army base where they thought they were safe. Safe, that is, before being sent to war for the fifth, sixth, seventh time. And what was the response of this administration and this ridiculous (and pernicious) "Justice" Department? It was to call this heinous act "workplace violence". The General in charge of the military base added to the disgusting state of affairs, when at a memorial for those murdered by a fanatic muslim, said that the most important thing was to preserve "diversity". To add to the obscenity, Major Hasan has been granted every courtesy, and treated as though he were an honored guest in this country, instead of a rabid, hateful islamic fanatic at war with America and our military. All this, while those he wounded and murdered cannot be granted proper benefits because of this administration's ludicrous designation of Hasan's attack as "workplace violence". Oh yes, there is Racism in this country and it is primarily coming from those on the Left."


This man speaks truth.


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