Thursday, September 19, 2013

Does this make sense...or is it just an excuse for racism?

by Dr Max Hathaway


What if it is normative and natural to prefer members of one's own family, tribe, clan, country and racial group?

According to British Anthropologist Lyall Watson, writing in the absurdly judgmentally titled "Dark Nature : A Natural History of Evil," the preference for one's own kind is, in nature, a universal phenomenon driven by universal survival instincts. Translation: racism and other group preferences are perfectly normal, natural and healthy.

So, if exercising survival preferences and discrimination are normal and natural then why is it that only western Caucasians are supposed to behave unnaturally, abnormally, unhealthily and against their own self-interests?

Or, to put in another way, why are Caucasians expected to act 
against their own survival needs whilst other races are taught to hate or dislike us and to carry out aggression against Caucasians?

In other words, whose idea is it for Caucasians to behave suicidally in refusing to acknowledge the need for preferring and thereby preserving and protecting their own race, their own culture, their own values, religion, and people?

Whose idea is it for Caucasians to pay for Blacks and other minorities to invade and occupy their country, produce defective, unsocialized children with IQs around 80, who are taught to reject civilized behavior, and to hate and to attack Caucasians...? If Caucasian conservatives and republicans do not support this program of Caucasian national suicide, then why do they not resist it with every fiber of their being?

How can Caucasians continue to support the government of a nation they created, which takes billions of their hard-earned tax-payer dollars to institute and carry out thousands of programs of racial preference AGAINST Caucasians, promoting Blacks whose primary "contribution" to society is trillions of dollars of dependency and crime-related-debt?

It is obvious that Africans living in the united States in an advanced culture created by Caucasians are not benefitting from the experience in terms of their own development as a culture, and as a people. Caucasians through the foolhardy and felonious complicity of their government are aiding and abetting mass criminality among Blacks, racial hatred due to their obvious feelings of inferiority, and racial malaise, demoralization.

No one has seriously asked how it is that millions of Africans suffering from arrested cultural, psychosocial and genetic development can ever hope to be productive members of an advanced digital society when that society enables the mass evasion of person responsibility, while cultivating mass dependency, criminality and racial hatred directed at Caucasians.


RACISM IS A HOAX. Why? because racism is normal, normative, natural and universal. Only among westerners stripped of their cultural and familial identities is the suicidal, self-immolating scourge of RACISM applied.

EXAMPLE: the Black Navy yard shooter killed 13 whites and no one says booh! about his race.
But, of course if a white man had shot 13 blacks....

Nidal Hassan, an Arab, shot and killed mostly (if not entirely) Caucasians of western cultural orientation and no one can dare speak of his racism. But if a Caucasian had shot 13 Arabs....
I feel sorry for this author as he has now officially joined the camp of the brainwashed and now works and lives as an ideological tool of the left and those who seek the cultural genocide of those of European descent.

Trying read the UN Charter against Genocide: it describes the destruction of culture and family as an act of genocide. When charges of RACISM are only (or customarily) applied to Caucasians, no matter what is done to them by members of other races, we are facing extermination. Caucasians are now the new official JEWS of the 21st century.

In NAZI Germany, NO German was ever called a RACIST or even punished for killing Jews. Day by day, Black-attack on White, black Mob by black mob, we are retracing this bloody history.

How anyone can call himself an intellectual and not understand that RACSIM is a total fraud created using Alinsky rules to get you and other so-called conservatives to play by their rules, participate in your own censorship and self-destruction is beyond all reason.

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