Monday, February 11, 2013

Women & Guns; Yeah, We Like 'em

Here's an interesting article about the growing number of American women who own guns.

At the NYTimes.

And the writer is not hysterical.


The Rising Voice of Gun Ownership is Female

I like the end:

Yet even some of the most ardent female gun enthusiasts said the industry had made a misstep in concluding that all women shooters like pink.

Professor Stange called gun makers’ obsession with the color “infantilizing.” Ms. Wilson-Cohen said that “a large majority of females sort of feel like it’s a slap in the face” to assume that a pink gun will draw them in.

For her part, Ms. Tartaro said, “I don’t personally care for it.”

But she added that she knew a woman who had a different take, saying, “It’s not my favorite color, but I bought it because now my husband never touches it.”

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