Monday, February 11, 2013

Dorner Dead?

I'm thinking Christopher Dorner, that fired cop from LA who grudge-shot a bunch of people, is dead.

Just a feeling.

I hope I'm right.

Well, unless he was murdered by the LAPD in the dark, to keep him quiet about something even worse.

Just seems a guy like him, basically crazy, and apparently narcissistic (deduced from his "manifesto") would not suddenly want himself out of the headlines; would not be strategic enough to disappear for a while, let the trail go cold, be forgotten, then later, make his move and finish off his execution list.

That's pretty sane. Pretty logical. Pretty patient. Pretty delayed gratification.

Are these sorts of guys usually capable of that?

Hey, I'm no shrink, just seems to me he wouldn't just stop of his own accord.

So I'm thinking he's not out there because he can't be.

Just remember you heard it here first.

Unless, of course, he's shows up with guns blazing within the week, in which case you should forget I said anything.


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