Monday, February 04, 2013

Who They Really Are

You know that neighbor, friend or relative that votes Democrat?

She probably isn't thinking about mass murdering everyone that disagrees with her.

But the fact is, she's voting for people who are.

Or will.

It's time we understand and accept the reality that our "american"  Leftists/Fascists/Progressives are not a different species from those who have murdered millions of their fellow human beings and fellow-citizens in the last century.

For their own glory, for their own power, for their own obsessive visions.

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot and their fellow-travellers did not murder millions until they rose to absolute places where the populace and the society and the culture never expected any such outrages when they supported the rise of these inspiring leaders, supposed saviors, and "peoples' heroes"..

The current crop of "american" fascists are no different. They will start by passing harassing laws that put citizens at the mercy of police agents of the state. They will control every action and transaction.

They will censor us...they have already begun through their campaign of Political that, by and large, we censor ourselves!

As they gather more power, if people are still voicing objections, they will use more direct means. Like every tyrant attempting to accomplish their grand vision, they must silence opposition. They understand it will be critical for their success.

You can see their campaign to disarm Americans ramping up. They may use events like Newtown, or they may create events like Newtown. I think this is not only possible, but likely.

After all, what is the sacrifice of a few dozen murdered children in the great cause of creating a pacified, compliant, biddable, obedient, frightened, defenseless citizenry?

And, do not doubt that given cause, the "american" progressives will mass murder American citizens just like all the other modern tyrants have, to advance their ideology.

"american" progressives are not different in kind from the murdering savages of the 20th century. They are only prevented, as yet, from government sanctioned mass murder because they do no yet have quite enough power, and the populace, as yet, is not sufficiently cowed.

How 'bout we try to keep it that way, eh?

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State (E.O.T.I.S)

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