Monday, February 04, 2013

Disregarding the Law

Comment about New York's new gun laws:

Cuomo's law is terrible governance because it's main effect is to harass and criminalize people who by habit obey the law and harm nobody. It sets the stage for non-compliance with this law and other statutes that are seen as treading on our rights. By creating unjust laws the government damages the concept of "the consent of the governed" and it's own moral authority to expect laws to be obeyed.

Read more:

It brings up the serious truth about respect for the law.

Can we have a civil society when citizens no longer respect the law? And aren't liberal politicians passing laws that essentially do nothing much more than harrass ordinary, law-abiding citizens to the point that they ignore them?

Seems like a recipe for societal breakdown, criminality and corruption.


The more corrupt a society, the more numerous the laws. They knew that in ancient Rome.

You can't teach a Liberal anything.


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