Sunday, February 10, 2013

"We Trained Him"

You've heard about the loony tunes ex-LAPD cop, Christopher Dorner, out shooting various and sundry people cause he's got his little mad on.

One of the memes I've heard repeated is the idea that he's competent with weapons because the LAPD trained him.

Said the spokesmodel with a sort of sneer: Of course he's dangerous and good with weapons, "we trained him."

Uh huh.

Like they trained the morons out of the same department who shot two women in a truck that vaguely resembled Dorner's, and showered a mother and 47, one 71 with fire...because, I guess they BOTH looked so much like the beefy, black ex cop.

Or, wait. Maybe he's been trained to be a crack shot and competent operator by the Torrence Police Department, two of whom smashed David Perdue's truck with their cruiser, and opened fire.

Perdue, is white, several inches shorter, and a hundred pounds lighter than Dorner. And his truck is different make and model and color than Dorner's.

Happily, he was not hurt by the barrage of bullets.

So. Can we reflect on the "training" of these police officers for a moment?

They're fucking DANGEROUS alright. Just not, I think, in the sense that the blowhard at the microphone was implying.

Both LAPD and Torrence have imbeciles with guns running around haphazardly opening fire on innocent civilians  that are not even the same race or sex as the fugitive, and are not driving the same model or color truck. They have spilled the blood of almost as many innocent victims as Dorner.

What is their excuse?

What is their possible defense?

What the fuck is going on here?

Are these profoundly, dangerously stupid idiots off the streets? Have their badges been shredded. Have they been relieved of duty? Have their guns been confiscated??

Now in the first instance, not to put to fine a point on it, at least the cretins hit what the fuck they were shooting at. Both women were injured. The older women, who took two bullets to the chest, seriously. (I'm not celebrating the fact, just making the point that at least the scum hit what they were shooting at.)

In the second, not only did the knuckleheads shoot up the wrong car, with the wrong person in it, they didn't even hit him...! At point blank range. Remember, they had just smashed their vehicle into his. What were they, five feet apart, max?

Yeah, that "police training" really makes me feel safe.

And I'll feel a lot safer after California confiscates MY guns, because I'm so dangerous, and leaves them in the hands of nincompoops like these, you know, to PROTECT me.

Now, here are a couple of things I really try to do when I draw my weapon.

1) Confirm acquisition of the proper target.
2) Hit it.

I know that's a pretty elitist standard, but maybe we can work up to having our PO-FUCKING-LICE try their best to reach it.

What do you say?

The Gunslinger

P.S. God I wish I was a lawyer. Those three people should be and I hope will be SET FOR LIFE after they sue the crap out of those departments and cities.


  1. he is ex military also though and that traing has nothing to do with lapd

  2. All military guys are not experts in firearms. Depends what their specialty is. My ex worked in the motor pool. Trust me, he could barely tell the barrel from the butt of a gun.

    Didn't they say Dorner was a Navy reservist? Not taking anything away from that...just sayin' that doesn't necessarily equate to any sort of serious weapons training.

    Besides, my point was that it was the LAPD spokesman who said "we trained him".