Sunday, February 10, 2013

Up With White People

In a world where it is impolitic...and perhaps soon will be illegal... to suggest that white people have a right to exist, and to preserve their race and traditions...

...and in a world where all of those things are overtly threatened by the onslaught of non-white, third world invasive immigration into the white homelands of Europe and the Anglosphere...

I heard something that was at once profoundly disturbing, and at the same time oddly reassuring.

To ', there is too sum up:

The invasion into America is obviously mostly illegals from Latin America. Turns out that their birthrates, like ours, have been falling in their native lands, and that "negative" birth-rate countries just don't export people.

So, even if we do nothing about immigration, the current tidal wave will naturally, during the next 20 years, dwindle to virtually nothing.

Now, that still leaves us with a lot of poor, low-income, low-skilled, brown-skinned immigrants who are reproducing like rabbits compared to us sissified, elite, effete white people who aren't even having enough babies to replace our selfish, immature, self-centered selves. turns out that immigrants who move here, do not retain their habits of higher birth rates, as we've always been told they do. In fact, they extremely rapidly get with the local program and stop having babies too.

Now this isn't good for the country...not enough young people and all. And it looks like the entire world is heading in this direction. And there are a lot of concerning and unpretty implications.

But it does, at least, give me some hope that white people will not be be entirely replaced in their own countries in a couple of generations by massively reproducing invaders.

No matter what the other implications are for stagnant population growth, can we caucasians at least celebrate that little factoid?

The Gunslinger

Information came from an interview with Jonathan V. Last, author of: What To Expect When No One's Expecting".

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