Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stupid is Still Dangerous

A comment at The Blaze:

Leftwing nuts don’t check facts, they just mindlessly parrot something that is posted, they are the laziness gang of fools the world has ever seen, but don’t discount them because of their ignorance and stupidity… even a mob of morons is still a mob and still dangerous and these morons have strength in numbers and they vote by following their moronic handlers so they are dangerous beyond dangerous… we need to reach out and educate people otherwise the moron class leftists will continue to vote this country into extinction… and then they’ll blame it on everyone else for their stupidity because they are that stupid.

The important phrase is "...even a mob of morons is still a mob..."

So, while we SHOULD dismiss Progressives' for their obvious lack of intelligence and humanity, we can't afford to dismiss the fact that they are still extremely dangerous.

And with that mob constantly being demagogued by YDBT (You Didn't Built That), they could be, at least temporarily, a potent and violent force for evil.

Just sayin' keep it in mind.

It SO easy to consider them too stupid to be dangerous.

But that would be a mistake


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