Friday, February 15, 2013

News Report Without Actual Facts

This must be one of the most uninformative news stories I've ever seen.

From other blurbs, dribs and drabs, I gather that there is some conflict between native born American blacks and Somalie immigrants, also black, at this school.

But...reading the story, you get no idea of that. You just get "students"...

"Students" threw food. Male "students" hit girls. "Students" are fighting and rioting.

There are suggestions of "ethnic" divisions and whispers of "racism"...

But we can make some assumptions. You see, if white students were involved in this, it would be shouted from the rooftops. We would absolutely know if white boys were hitting black or Somali girls. Because the newspaper would identify the race, as they always do, of white perpetrators.

But...whenever they are SILENT on the issue, it is a fair assumption to conclude that the perps are "People of Color"...

And since this happened in Minneapolis, and not L.A., it's pretty safe to assume they're blacks, not Mexicans.

But of course, with the quick changes in point of view, and the non-use of adequate descriptors, it's pretty hard to really know what's going on here.

But here's what I think the real story is:
Black kids resent the Somali kids. Probably because they're doing well in school, are socialized, polite, care about education. So they pick on them. In face, they probably accuse them of "acting white".

I'd say, considering the newspaper DOES report that the trouble is long-standing, that the blacks routinely bully and beat up the Somalis.

And I'd say the "authorities" don't do anything about it, because they have been taught that it's "racist" to expect black people live up to the standards of the rest of us....

....including those of other black people who come from different cultures and who aspire to assimilate and join the mainstream of American life.

[We know this as "The Racism of Low Expectations" could look it up]

At least, that's how I read it, since this article doesn't tell me a thing, and I have to fill in all the gaps in information from recent real-world experience...

I'd bet a sawbuck that my story is more accurate than the Star-Tribune's.

It's certainly more informative.



  1. Forgive the language, but you are right...the Somalis refuse to become "American Niggers". The same thing happens to any black kid that tries to get an education in school.

  2. Boy that's sad, isn't it? How did the freed slaves'aspirations for equality and full citizenship morph into pride in ignorance and failure?

    And this is what their "leaders" defend and perpetuate. Surely there is a special place in hell for those who prevent the fulfillment of human potential on such a huge scale. It's is so evil.

  3. Every day, I'm more grateful that I'm no longer immersed in the Leftist cesspool of Minnesota.