Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm Not Chris Dorner!

Okay....this is seriously funny. In a very sick way. Not like you can blame the people of SoCal for donning this wear.

While this article is published online at something called "NEWSONE for Black America"....and they are no doubt making a case for LAPD racism....

...let's do please remember that the actual victims of the "senseless gun violence" perpetrated by LA & Torrence trigger-happy, out-of-control cops were in fact, in the first instance, two white woman, and in the second, one small white dude.

And let's remember that at least two of Dorner's victims were "people of color"...

But still, they do have a point. When people are more worried about getting shot by the cops than by a murderer on a rampage...your police department might have a public relations problem.

And a discipline problem.

And an ethical problem.

And a leadership problem.

And a personnel problem.

And a training problem.

And a standards problem.

And.....trust me....a lawsuit problem.

The Gunslinger


  1. Hey, maybe the LAPD is just trying their best to be color-blind. Don't wanna be all racist, ya know...