Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our Fellow Americans...

by Standing+Wolf

"We will make 2013 the year in which gun control becomes about as popular as slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, and similar practices that have been relegated to the ash heap of history."

I'm with you in spirit, Mr. Levinson, but let me suggest, please, evil has a way of slithering back from the "ash heap of history."

Enduring evils

Slavery, for example, is still practiced on both coasts of the United States, though it's been prohibited by law nearly a century and a half. Tens and more likely hundreds of thousands of "sex industry workers," as prostitutes are often called these days, are slaves in all but name. They're imported from other countries, primarily China and Central America, and held in econmic bondage while they "repay" their captors from the minuscue "earnings" they're allowed to keep. Politicians don't still make stands in school house doorways in support of racial segregation; the ostensibly voluntary segregation millions of Americans actually live under, however, is every bit as onerous and nearly as rigid, and enforced by political gerrymandering in many large cities. I don't claim contemporary so-called "affirmative action" is the immoral equivalent of Jim Crow laws, since it does a smaller raw quantity of damage; I do, however, say there's no justification for allowing the feral government and many state governments to cling to racial preferences we, the people outgrew decades ago.

As opportunity arises in freshly spilled blood
Leftist extremist so-called "gun control," which encourages rather than discourages violent criminals, will continue to ebb and flow in our nation. It will be revived as often as uncommonly heinous mass murders occur, then subside as a national predatory force as politians remember the prices their predecessors have deservedly paid for embracing it, then be revived again as opportunity arises in freshly spilled blood.

Leftists never abandon monstrous ideas. They hide them some while as needed, drag them out and concoct new names for them, and champion them afresh.

Inconvenient facts

If the loudly self-proclaimed "progressives" were capable of fact-oriented research and rational analysis, they'd have admitted decades ago the combination of representative government, property and othe rights for all, and open economic markets invariably enables by far the greatest number of people to create and and most widely distribute the greatest quantities of material wealth and individual freedom.

Leftist governments have consistently delivered privation and poverty and even mass starvation for the many and wealth reserved for the very few, along with ideological censorship and prisons and murder, rigid social stratification, genocide and class-based mass murder, unvarying autocracy, and immeasurable human misery.

Nowhere more blatantly obvious
The insane stupidity of disarming law-abiding American citizens in the name of "public safety" is nowhere more blatantly obvious than in the most murderous, violent cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

Why, you might reasonably wonder, isn't the blatantly obvious failure of "gun control" blatantly obvious to one and all? There are none so blind as those who will not see; worse, unchecked government and the failed main stream "news" media pump up fear of violent crime to advance their cause of expanding, deepening political and social control; worst of all, the nore numerous and abject the failures of government, the more power and authority and money it demands in the name of solving the very problems its increasingly open leftist ideology has caused.

In the absence of "serious enough" crises, government of the government, for the government, and by the government generates its own, and relies on the "news" media to lend them credibility and urgency.

The path to power
Leftism has nothing whatever to do with public safety. It never did. It never will. Leftist ideology, as ought to be self-evident from even the most cursory glance at Russian, Chinese, European, Cuban, and Southeast Asian history, is nothing but the path to power for the self-appointed very few at the expense of the vast majority. Once ensconced in power, leftists indulge themselves in orgies of hatred and destruction and vengeance, and ultimately, mass murder.

So-called "gun control" is both a prerequisite for and a tried and proven means toward the goal of mass murder.

"Well, yeah," you may be tempted to object, "but this is America. We'll never have mass murder here."

How many people were murdered last year in Chicago? How many in Washington, D.C.? How many in East St. Louis? How many in New Orleans?

How much larger do those tallies need to grow before we admit they're massive? How many of those lives could have been saved by controlling criminals—the root cause of violent crime—instead of shrieking hysterically for punitive "gun control" aimed at law-abiding citizens?

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