Wednesday, January 23, 2013

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The following is a comment on the article in the previous post.  This is why it's so important to read all the comments at American Thinker (and most conservative blogs/sites). Many are as thoughtful, useful, interesting and inspirational as the articles themselves.


by turfmann
"The Second Amendment is not, however, about shooting deer; it is about shooting violent human aggressors."

Only partially true, but the difference is fundamental.

The Second Amendment is a limitation upon government as it relates to firearms.

So no matter if you wish to keep and bear arms to shoot a squirrel, that pesky woodchuck that is eating your garden or a charging grizzly bear, it is no business of the government which firearm you choose to deal with the situation.
But it is more than that.

No matter if someone is breaking into your home, robbing you of money or goods, using lethal force against you, it is no business of the government that you bear and utilize a firearm for the protection of your castle or for your personal defense.
But it is more than that.

The fundamental reason that the amendment exists, and the reason so little cited in arguments over the wisdom of the amendment as part of the Bill of Rights, is that it recognizes the inalienable right of man to keep and bear arms in defense of all the other rights enshrined in the Constitution against tyranny.

The Battle of Lexington and Concord that started the Revolutionary War was instigated by an effort on the part of British Regulars to seize a cache of firearms and gun power that the Minutemen has amassed.

Confiscation for the purpose of advancing tyranny.

Tyranny has come to our shores, my fellow Americans, in the person of our president and those who follow him.

It is the express intent of this administration to "fundamentally change" the United States.
Presidents do not have the Constitutional power to fundamentally change anything. They are duty-bound to follow the Constitution to the letter as they have sworn to do.

Fundamental change can only be had through a preordained process of Constitutional amendments - something our president and his have no interest whatsoever in attempting.
Our president has been in violation of his oath of office for four years now, from the moment he took his hand from the Bible, he has acted outside of the power of his office.

His tinkering with our free market economy, his purposeful amassing of infinite debt and deficit, his shiv to the political process are doing irreparable harm to our Republic.
He is nothing less than a tyrant committing treason.

Willful treason, nothing less

Someday, he will be held to account for his crimes.

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