Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Seems kind of obvious, when put like that...

My God. He's right. We need to get emotional.

And it's not hard. As he says, we have lots of moving, emotional, sentimental, spiritual and uplifting stories to tell.
"To millions who felt their souls being drained by a corporate consumer culture that treats humans like products and reduces people to animal urges, the Republicans quoted Hayek and offered free markets. In other words, "go sell your soul on eBay; if you're worth anything, you'll fetch a decent price."
We need to get on that.

"By now it's clear that 'it's the economy, stupid' is not a timeless nugget of wisdom. Rather, we ought to start saying, 'It's got to be more than just economics, idiots.' "

I've been pretty much beating the drum of libertarianism myself, as a Tea the exclusion of "social issues"...but I do see that it leaves a sort of hole in the soul, doesn't it?

I believe in Liberty first. But the question must be asked. "Liberty to do what?"
To be a slave to sexual appetite? To abort babies? To get high? To make a lot of money?

Well...we can pretty much do all that already. But somehow, we're not very satisfied...even all those sexed up, baby-killin', high, rich people.

Maybe there really is something to this "Values Voter" business, eh?

Something to think about anyway.

Please note that Lopez is talking about himself, and by extension, Hispanics (stupid term). This is the demographic we all are most concerned with, simply because it is growing exponentially.

Here is a sad reality, but one to consider in terms of electoral victory: Blacks are not increasing their numbers. They are aborting their future. From a purely demographic point of view...strictly by the is more important to speak to Hispanics about conservative social values...than worry about what blacks think or the monolithic voting block they have proven themselves to be. As their influence dwindles because their numbers dwindle, they will be less and less significant in future elections.

That might even be an argument for getting their attention on the abortion issue.

Just a thought.

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."

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