Friday, November 09, 2012

Same Guy...another "Wow".

Maybe this attitude is catching. This is the third fierce expectations diatribe I've read today, and I'm not even looking.

The writer is a Catholic, so he's necessarily nicer than I am. I don't love everyone. Half of the country are idiots...who voted for this abomination or didn't vote at if they get eaten in the coming zombie apocalypse, I'm not gonna lose much sleep over it.

I'm keeping my own "family" safe, too. Lots of food, guns and ammo.

You think that's what he means?

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."


  1. A .22 pistol is the most important weapon to have in the zombie apocalypse. You can shoot a liberal in the leg, the zombies will then get him and leave you with enough time to get to your main battle rifle.

  2. LOL...perfect!

    THAT is a game plan.

  3. Ok the "government" says its gonna take the guns(you might hurt yourself) the food(you might get fat)and your money(The poor "need"it for "stuff"). They are telling you OPENLY that they WILL take your guns, food and raise your "taxes" 75%.Child it won't be zombies you gotta worry about. Its gonna be TSA rape sqwads and Federal black uniformed death sqwads if you protest.

  4. Oh, anon...."Zombie" is code for government goons and Leftist Fascists. Trust me, we get it.