Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Advice from a commentor on AS

Simon Templar| 11.14.12 @ 1:05PM

The great early sixties.....

Yes, and this did not stop the Left from marching on and pressing forward, did it? I do not seem to remember them whining and throwing up their hands and surrendering. In fact, they did just the opposite, they infiltrated the Democratic party, took over the educational systems and began cranking out today's journalist. They protested, they marched, they exaggerated their numbers, they pushed and pushed again.

We have the power in our hands as we are the producers and we pay the bills. Want to stop the insanity, then starve them:

Unplug. Cancel the cable.

Stop going to movies.

Barter, and find ways not to pay taxes.

Send your kid to private schools.

Do business with conservatives.

Move your investments to companies that represent your values.

Join a Tea Party.

Become a member of your PTA or school board.

Stop giving donations to your college Alma mater which now teaches socialism.

Buy a gun and learn how to use it.

Buy land and become more self sufficient.

Pay off your debts and stay withing your means.

Cut off those that refuse to listen and put your energy in those that might.

Move your donations and charity to new media support, organizations like Freedom Works, etc.

Buy gold, at least 20 percent of your portfolio.

Stop listening to liberal narratives.

Organize protest, boycotts, workshops, etc. and resist every liberal initiative at your local level.

The Gunslinger
"Maybe the only way to save our village is to let Ă˜bama burn it down."


  1. Sending your kids to private school won't help. I teach in a private school; at least 80% of my colleagues are lefties.

  2. I think it's a mistake to consider gold an investment. It doesn't go up in value; it just shows how much the dollar falls.

    I'd suggest more barter items instead.

  3. Gunslinger, Steve, barter is great as long as you have something the other person wants to trade for. Barter is okay to run a small economy, but it is terribly cumbersome and inefficient when used to run a large economy. This inefficiency is the reason that money was invented. Money works well, because the little IOUs are easy to trade back and forth for the goods and/or services you want. It's just when fools start printing off currency that the notes become worthless. As long as they remain relatively scarce, they work well as a medium of exchange. When a government just turns on the printing presses, then you have problems ... and hyperinflation is a huge problem that results in a society reverting to barter.

  4. I never understood the concept of gold in modern times. If we got to the point where the dollar was worthless, why would gold be worth any more? I mean, if I had a rifle for sale and someone offered me a shiny coin, claiming it was worth $1000, I'd tell him to take a flying leap. What good would a coin be to me? And if the economy were that far gone, who would be setting the price of gold anyway?