Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Entitled Class

Check out the arrogance of  Los Angeles County Supervisor, Mark Ridley-Thomas: He's spending  $707,000 of taxpayers' money to "renovate" his office. Almost a million dollars.

It's true, he's using "discretionary" funds that each supervisor is entitled to spend as they wish. But, other supervisors who have been in office much longer have spent at most approximately .4%  (four-tenths of a percent) of this amount on office renovations...if my math is correct—and I believe it is. They normally use most of the money for project in their districts....not on themselves!

What sort of man would do this...?  Especially in these days where everyone is worried about money, spending, taxes and the future—and he apparently represents quite poor constituents! They're neighborhoods might find a good use for some of that money.

Well, he's the the kind of asshole who thinks public money is for him to spend on himself. His sense of entitlement is staggering. He is completely unapologetic, and has been defending these expenditures to all and sundry. He believes he deserves a luxury office—as an L.A. County Supervisor. 

Paid for with Taxpayers' money.

He's been in office just a year, and his office is perfectly presentable. You can read the story, and see the video of the office here.

Worse even than all this, according to reports,  in his defense he's played the "race card" (he's black), and further infuriated the public.

Turns out that ploy isn't working too well these days.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
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  1. I wonder if they're anything like the US Congress... when they leave office they have a moving truck pull up and they take all the fancy office furniture and decorations and haul them home. That's why each new congresscritter spends some ridiculous amount on furnishing their office. They buy expensive antique desks and nice art work and such because they know they get to take it home with them when they fail to do a good enough job for their constituents to vote them back in for another term.

  2. How did it come to this?

    What have we wrought? Good Lord. What a mess.