Friday, December 18, 2009

Øbama's Manufactured Persona Slipping Faster than Tigers'

I think Øbama is going to start hating Copenhagen.

He doesn't have much luck there.

If I didn't despise him, and wish him utter and complete failure because of what he is trying to do to our country, I'd feel sorry for him.

He flies into the Høax Summit as the Savior, the Chosen one, believing that he is going to salvage it, fix everything.

Instead, the Chinese walk out. He gets mad. He makes no difference. He does not register on the radar at all. But the conference is completely falling apart.

Oh, and the Capitalism-Hating, USA enemy, Hugo Chavez is "still smelling sulphur".

Poor Øbama. How long can a narcissist survive in the face of all this rejection? Will he go insane? Will he shoot his dog? Will he beat ME-shell? Will the mask slip? Will we see the real worms and other slithering, disgusting corruption beneath the Oogy-Boogy Man in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

I can't stand seeing or hearing him anymore, but I do enjoy hearing about his numerous, continuous and serial failures.

If any arrogant, ignorant, self-regarding, conceited, presumptuous asshole deserves it—the odious Øbama does.

American Karma:  bigger & faster than the standard variety, naturally.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum

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