Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Dilemma

In a few days it will be 2010. The fateful year. The year when elections may matter the most they've every mattered in this country. If we don't turn out enough federal legislators to let them know that what they have done is unacceptable and intolerable, they will know that we will tolerate anything they choose to do to us, and there will be no stopping the destruction of everything America has stood for for over 200 years. The light of freedom will be extinguished not only for the American people, but for all people. We are still, barely, the last, best hope for freedom in the World.

It is our duty, our responsibility, our mission, our destiny to fight to the last man to keep it burning.

And I have a dilemma.

I am committed to work for the ousting of two Congresswomen and a Senator. Indeed, all my political focus will be on that task until the polls close next November.

But already there is an issue arising in the Tea Party/9.12 Project movement that I worry will derail our efforts. It is a conflict of visions, and they break down like this:


1) We have to take our country back. We have to get ride of professional, career politicians, and get back to the "citizen representatives" envisioned by the founders, who return to private life after a few years of public service...and have to live with the laws they passed as legislators.

Obviously there is great wisdom in that. It keeps politicians rooted in self-interest, which translates into the citizens' interest.

Any candidate we offer must be reliably conservative/libertarian, loyal to the Constitution and responsible to the people, understanding he is our servant not our ruler. He should be funded and supported by The People, not rich special interests that he would "owe" once elected.

He must stay for a limited time, then return to private life.

He must be committed to limited government, individual liberty, the free market. He must be believe in American Exceptionalism, value our history, honor our traditions, love our country. He must be honest, truthful, sincere. He must be dedicated to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.

The most important thing is principles, values and character!


2) We have to take our country back. And the way to do it is to turn as many incumbents out as possible. After what they have done, particularly in the last year, which is so outrageous, so unconstitutional, so tyrannical, so irresponsible, so corrupt, so un-American that we have to punish them. They have entirely shifted their loyalty from the American Dream, and the American Character to ideology, special interests, and to the accumulation of power. They are creating an Imperial State that will be the Master of "We the People", not our servant.

We have to make them more afraid of us than they are of SEIU and the other unions, of ACORN and other corrupt left wing organizations. And there is only one way to do that. We have to run enough of them out of town, out of power, out of their cushy, privileged sinecures that the rest will know that we can—and that we will. They will all know that there is a serious, People's movement that is not going away; that will not put up with their nonsense anymore; that there are millions of us; that we can affect elections; that we are watching; and that we will take them down.

And it doesn't matter at all who we replace them with in 2010. This is the moment when the Lesson is all that matters. The Lesson of The Peoples' Retribution! We need the most attractive, most well funded, most charismatic candidates we can find.

It doesn't matter how bad they are as legislators, we can take them out, too, when their time comes. Think of it this way:  It'll take them four years to figure out how things work, and we'll throw them out in two.

The effect of turning out as many CongressVipers as possible will be twofold:

a) It will scare the shit out of the surviving ones, especially if they've had a hard fight, or close election...they will see that when The People are pissed...they are formidable and determined...and ruthless.

b) It will scare the shit out of the FNGs (fuckin' new guys) who will be only too aware that incumbents' jobs are no longer safe, now that The People are watching.

We have to give the House and Senate a big, fat, hairy shock to the system! We have to hit them over the head with a 2 x 4 to get their attention.

The most important thing is electability!

Sure, we may get lucky and find a few candidates that are both...but most won't be.

Which strategy do we follow? Which will further OUR agenda? Which will better work to dismantle the Imperial State and restore our Constitutional Republic?

Is there a better Third Way?

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. I'm concerned also with having a fair election. Something the left knows nothing about. Since they threw out the case about the NBP in Philly, expect more intimidation at the polls this election. Any motherfucker comes near me to try that shit is going to end up on the ground with a busted collar bone. I'll take the assault rap, if it sends a message to the thugs. I will not be bullied.

  2. The elective offices are merely the surface of the problem,I believe.They are the mask on the political machinery/system. I believe that it's the staffers that actually run things (they do the grunt-work (oink oink!),and write the floor speeches and committee-hearing "questions" that the pols spew forth. They also do the mark-ups. Kinda like a tv show staff. Two of Tennesse's "moderate-but-not-really" Democrats have announced that they won't be running for re-election. They will vote for these un-Constitutional bills,then move crab-like sideways to either cushey lobbying jobs,or become "Shoelace Czar" or similar as a pay-off. I go with Vision One,with a proposal that they also sign a promise to not hire any of the old Beltway staffers,only staffers from their constituencies.And...they don't NEED to be in DC as much as current.WTF is the Internet for,anyway?

  3. All lawyers and politicians should be executed.....PERIOD!

  4. maybe they are not so far apart if we look where we want to be long term.

    First, factor term-limits out of both visions. Perhaps we need to make term-limits an essential high battle to win on its own. That solves many problems long term.

    Build upon Vision 2. We have to clean house - the well is poisoned. But let's have a short exception list for the rare few who already fit Vision 1. But ONLY the ones with a proven history of upholding those values and fighting those who do not. Not the ones changing their tune to suit the crowd. Like Michele Bachmann or maybe Thaddeus McCotter?:
    "Our liberty is from God not the Government;
    Our soveregnty rests in our souls not the soil;
    Our security is through strength not surrender;
    Our proesperity is form the privater sector not the public sector;
    And, our truths are self evident, not relative."

  5. "It doesn't matter how bad they are as legislators, we can take them out, too, when their time comes. Think of it this way: It'll take them four years to figure out how things work, and we'll throw them out in two."

    There is a problem with Option 2 - while it'll feel good, it will make matters worse, not better. While I wouldn't shed too many tears over a clean sweep of all offices... I wouldn't be too much more optimistic over the results of it either (which is not to say that most need to be booted out, they do, but that's a useful tool, not a strategy). I've shot my mouth off over this before, so I'll try and keep it brief (yeah, as if).

    The main problem with that, is the perception that the office holder is primary power wielder.

    It isn't so. It has become less and less so, over the course of the last century. With the establishment, and breeding of alphabet agencies, and their ever expanding reams of regulatory codes, and the exploding legislative manure extending into more and more areas of our lives... have led to the shift of power from the office holder, to the office aide, assistant and intern. There is far more 'text' in the existing and proposed legislation, than one person could possibly manage to read. When Pelosi & Hoyer laugh at the thought of 'read the bill!', from their perspective, there's some disgusting legitimacy to their chuckles.

    For a congressmen or senator to 'read the bill'... it is an impossibility. The office holder today is little better than a project mgr which the bureaucracy of aides and interns are organized around, they only gain the ability to grasp and direct their office, with the passage of time, as they begin to acquire the political contacts and connections of their aides.

    Eject the office holder, and the aides may be shuffled around, but they will remain, and they will enjoy increased influence over the new office holder ("...same as the old boss..."). As the situation is now, the bureaucratic aides have some interest in sucking up to their office holder, but if they know that they are only going to be there for a term or two, they will look even more to the persistent D.C. web of political connections and favorer's for allegiance than they do now, which means even less "representin'" from our non-representing representatives than we get now.

    The shock and satisfaction of cleaning house would be enormously satisfying for us... but would be non-productive in the long run.

    (So much for being brief... break)

  6. (cont)

    Option 1, "He must be committed to limited government, individual liberty, the free market. He must be believe in American Exceptionalism, value our history, honor our traditions, love our country. He must be honest, truthful, sincere. He must be dedicated to the restoration of our Constitutional Republic.
    The most important thing is principles, values and character!"

    , I think, is the (start of) the only productive, viable, option.

    One, we've got to pick just that sort of candidate. Two, which is the beginning of the 'Third Way' (I love using their ol' favorites against them), is that the Tea Party movement, must. stay. engaged. and watchful. and VOCAL!!!

    We The People, must demonstrate that we are the source of their power. The D.C.-politicalese only works (well) when out of the spotlight (such as the ACORN defunding), but the light must be kept on (such as the ACORN defunding being able to lapse into a temporary defunding).

    We must all put on our tie-cam's ala James O'Keefe, and/or keep our blogging keyboards smoking at the first whiff of double-dealing. WE have a responsibility we've let lapse for a century, to keep an eye upon our representatives, to keep them honest - few and far between are those well meaning souls who are strong enough to do it on their own.

    Still though, that's only a partial solution. We've got to, in the words of our St.Louis Tea Party, infiltrate and over run the political structure of the GOP. A difficult, long, long, term proposal, but only by doing that, from the grassroots ground up, will we ever get into the position of being able to get the real political power necessary to be able to disband the alphabet agencies, and repeal the 17th & 16th amendments, and it won't be until that happens, that we'll be able to say we are winning.

    Probably at least 15-20 years down the road.

    But imagine the state of the nation when the bureaucracy no longer has any legs to stand on or corners to hid in.

    Dare to dream. Loudly!

  7. Van, I totally see your point, but I wonder if we can wait 15 years to save the Republic.

    That's my worry. Maybe I'm too pessimistic, but if we let Health Care survive, and the amnesty they are planning, and and the taxes on the productive, we will have so many people dependent on the gubmint that we'll never again be able to rally a majority for electing anti-gubmint conservatives. Voting for them will mean their welfare, subsidies, goodies, will stop.

    That's the situation in Europe, and looks what's happening there. They're stagnant, weak, stupid, poor, and suffering violence constantly.

    I feel like we're OUT OF TIME. Especially with the likes of Øbama and his crowd of vultures and incipient dictators running the show.

    On the other hand, if we can eke out enough people to stand on Constitutional principles even as the gubmint is refusing to teach them to our youth, maybe we can at least create the core constituency for a secessionist movement...and at worst, a revolution, if it we can't save the current system.

    Like I said, I'm feeling pessimistic.


  8. "I totally see your point, but I wonder if we can wait 15 years to save the Republic."

    Wait 15 years? No! Not even 15 weeks! I'm certainly not proposing sitting back and quietly educating the public to the point where change will happen by osmosis.

    Noooo sireebob!

    And I agree that most of the incumbents need to be voted out, but that needs to come as a result of consideration and decision, not as a substitute for that. I happen to have a decent U.S. Rep in Akin, and my state rep, Smith... state Senator seems ok... but my two U.S. Senators Bond & McCaskill need to be run out, and their every working moment overshadowed by that (Bond is retiring anyway, but no need to let it happen gracefully).

    We need to vocally, loudly, organizationally, combat this healthcontrol bill with everything we've got, and the Clean Waters Act, Cap & Tax, Net neuterallity, etc... in every way shape and manner available to us.

    The only thing I'm cautioning, is the mindset that these issues, even if we win them, will solve the problem, anymore than winning the Cold War defeated communism. Term Limits or Rebooting Congress every 4 years will accomplish little or nothing on their own. It is a very dangerous thing, especially in a nation founded upon ideas, to suppose that the success or failure of particular issues tell you much about whether you are winning or losing.

    If We The People do not become aware of Why these issues need to be defeated, about why they are unconstitutional, and why that matters, then they will merely fallback for a moment and then overwhelm us like a legislative whack-a-mole game.

    On the other hand, in addition to combating these issues, and opposing worthless legislators, doing everything you can to help educate your fellows about why the Constitution matters, and why Liberty cannot survive without strong property rights and a moral people, will be helping to bring about the future destruction of the left. Every individual who understands what our liberty rests upon and why, is worth scores of leftist astroturfers.

    Our only long term hope of success, is to educate the the public to the point that it is well understood that publicly expressing a leftist thought will be greeted with assured derisive laughter... just as the leftist is assured of sympathetic chuckles from Bush/Palin jokes at any public gathering now.

    They, our leftist enemies, proregressives in both the Dem & Rep parties, those who in the most fundament sense are anti-American, know this, which is why they began their attack upon America through our educational system 150 years ago. And in the long term, until they are rooted out of there, we will not be able to make any sort of "Mission Accomplished" declaration... and that's going to take way more than 15 years.

    In the meantime, by all means, oppose any and all enemies and useful idiots, Dem & Rep, but do so on a case by case basis. Support those who get it, work to rid your local GOP structure of them as well, they'll need to be routed and retaken from the ground up. Talk with neighbors, co-worker, etc whenever the opportunity arises and make some opportunities as well.

    It's a daunting fight, I grant you, but we've got two pretty big allies on our side, Reality and Truth, and they make mincemeat out of leftist proposals every time they meet... it's our task to manage as many introductions as possible!

  9. "On the other hand, if we can eke out enough people to stand on Constitutional principles even as the gubmint is refusing to teach them to our youth, maybe we can at least create the core constituency for a secessionist movement...and at worst, a revolution, if it we can't save the current system."

    Secession is a complete non-starter. Even if successful, it would mean complete destruction of us all. But Revolution, on the other hand, is fully on the table. Locke said,

    "“…for since it can never be supposed to be the will of the society that the legislative should have a power to destroy that which every one designs to secure by entering into society, and for which the people submitted themselves to legislators of their own making; whenever the legislators endeavour to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any farther obedience, and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence…” "

    We don't yet need to resort to bullets, ideas and action will still suffice. Look at the leftists for a clue on this one, you can stage a revolution without firing a shot, by battling over minds, not soil. The left has 150 years on us in this, but we've got a couple points on our side, as I said, Reality and Truth... not to mention a Constitution already in place, which is completely on our side.

    All the leftist has ever had was intellectualistic posturing, the untested claim of 'scientific progress' and 'change!' - but with no valid reasoning on their side at all... and now, no longer "New!" or daring, they've got a track record of unbroken, unmitigated failure as bullying disregard for the rights of individuals... and we've still got the means open to us to demonstrate it.

    We've got history, a constitution already in place, the reasoning behind it fully available to all on the internet, we've still got the means to associate and communicate and to educate our fellows with basic, easily graspable principles, which absolutely blast leftist positions to pieces, and worst of all, once exposed, makes their positions laughable... and ohhh do they hate and fear that.

    We've also got a little something more on our side now, which they had in the 60's, but no longer do - to be conservative today, is to be the rebel, and a rebel with a cause at that! Many kids today see the stupidity of leftist policies, they see the burden their positions are imposing on them, and they see granola crunching hippies as fools and frauds... especially in the guise of their classroom teachers - kids laugh at them. It's hard to overstate the importance of that.

    We have all the means and tools necessary to win at hand right now - we just need to get them into the public debate on every level.

    "Like I said, I'm feeling pessimistic."

    Believe me, I'm worried and scared... but everywhere I look I see signs of people beginning to wake up, beginning to question the leftist mantra, and that is all we need to scored direct hit after direct hit.

    Lock and load... just use the right ammo - good ideas and a loud voice.

  10. Along those lines, a good article from Big Government

    "... A carpet-layer has more experience to lead than any political hack. An insurance man has more ability to look at regulations than a risk-adverse lawyer. A veteran has more understanding of what it takes to support our men and women in harms way.

    It is time to break the mold of what looks good to get elected. Now is the time to become involved. Now is the time to hear the sounds of battle and join. The Government teat must be turned off. The system needs to be rebooted.

    Help start the process and run for office. The great sleeper that is America has woken up. 2010 is not the end game, neither is 2012. The end game is when we level the playing field and make America once again the land of opportunity.

    Fly that Gadsden flag high and fly it proud. But, that isn’t enough. It is time to leave your fields and join the battle. March to the sound of the guns.

    A new world requires a new revolution... but every bit as confrontational, all the same.