Monday, December 14, 2009

Øbama @ 44%

Øbama gave himself a "B+" grade.

Clearly the people disagree. I think he thinks that if he says it, people will believe it's true.

Or maybe he's just wishing upon a star.

Is this what they mean by"narcissism"?

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. Dood...When I was a kid in school, 44% was NOT a B+. Guess this must be some of that "New Math."

  2. I love, LOVE words and intellectual inquiry,myself,but never fell into the trap of confusing effusive verbiage for Reality itself.I merely saw a clip and was awed by the Audacity (if you will) of the egoism displayed.To reiterate,he's the Man in the Bubble,been there all his life.His "fat cats" snipe merely evidences more hypocrisy,but on a super-sized scale.Some might say his whole braggadocio act is an exercise in typical "American" behavior,but I disagree.It is typical of an historical phenomenon/disease known as "being a Twit". "Never correct,and never in doubt"...

  3. I'd say he's wishing upon a crescent moon.

  4. Actually I'd like to give him a great big fat F. I can't believe what he continues to do. Tomorrow is going to be a tough day for the senators. They have to go to the White House and you know he's going to twist arms big time, and if that doesn't work he's bribe them---with OUR money.

    I'm praying they all get some backbone and just say no! 2010 is coming, not a minute too soon! If we can get to recess without them being able to get the necessary 60 votes I think we have a better chance of defeating this thing. I've been praying for a Tower of Babel situation in Washington among the Dems. Seems to be happening, just not fast enough.(o:

  5. He's grading himself on a huge curve. That's your affirmative action at work for ya. Give somebody something they haven't earned and they give themselves great references all the time. Too bad there's nothing lower than an "F". You might think he's a product of our illustrious public school system. ;)

  6. That must be one hell of a curve that he is grading himself with. Must be using a Kenyan grading system. Check out Drudge if you haven't already it will show just how good they are at math. I really like how much the fed employees owe in taxes. Hell I guess if I owed that much in deliquent taxes I wouldn't be able to count that high either. Can you say 3 Billion, yeah thats who I want in charge of the cash register the people who can't count or pay their own taxes. I mean I don't have a college education but even I know that is alot of money! If you or I owed that much in delinquent taxes we would be in jail for not paying them, todays words of the day are "DOUBLE STANDARD". Its a damn crime when they owe more in delinquent taxes than most of us will make in a life time and we pay them again for what? Thats not to mention the amount of money they make stealing us blind with phoney bills and underhanded payouts. Not to mention their misappropiation of funds from medicare, social security its stealing from our seniors and stealing the futures of our children with all their frivalous spending. That alone is a crime that they should chop their hands off for! Stealing from senior citizens SHAME ON THEM! Well I don't know about you all, but as for me I have played the dummy in politics for way too long now. Its way past time to vote these thieves out of office and put them where they really belong JAIL!