Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Bring SOME into Civilian Court?

I just heard the best analysis of "why" Øbama and Holder are bringing 5 terrorists from Gitmo to NYC for civilian trial...from a local talk show guy that is usually clueless. (Nice, Conservative, but clueless)...

Because they can't actually bring charges against President George W. Bush and his they want to...they will put them on trial through the agency of a criminal trial for those caught and imprisoned on his watch.

Because that is EXACTLY what's going to happen.

They have made it possible for the terrorists and their lawyers, and the rules of our civilian courts to drag every procedure used by the former administration through the mud—to expose secrets, intelligence and people that are necessary to our national security—while Øbama, Holder hide behind civilian procedure, taking no responsibility for what is about to happen.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum

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  1. The shame of it all is that it is going to be a big dog and pony show that is going to cost us alot of money! The great thing about the military tribunal system, where they should be tried since they are suspected terrorists is that there is no grandstanding lawyers, just the facts, trials and sentences are carried out swiftly. No smoke and mirrors, no high paid lawyers, no reasonable doubt, just the truth and the suspect is the only one brought up on charges. Once again the Idiot has found a way to cost us alot of money again and blame it all on Bush. My money is all bet that they are all guilty but many will be set free do to some ass raising that they are innocent due to the benefit of doubt because of confusing the facts or distracting everybody on the jury with outlandish charges on the former President and his staff. Oh their civil rights were violated! Terrorist don't have rights the innocent people that they killed did ! Once freed they will have the chance to carry out another attack on us, way to go Zero, Everybody knew O.J. was guilty but he got away with murder due to a flawed system. Do we really want to trust the same civilian courts to do the right thing when it comes to trying terrorists and our nations security?