Sunday, November 15, 2009

Religious Persecution

Can we call it what it is?  Religious Persecution.

The Left are persecuting others in the name of their Religion, their MYTHOLOGY...of Extreme Environmentalism.

They are Religious Fanatics.

I think it might help us clarify the issues if we used that vocabulary...against them.

Science simply does not validate their beliefs.

Indeed, as opposed to other religions—Christianity for example—about which science has very little to say and has proved nothing, the Religious tenets of Extreme Environmentalism have been overwhelmingly shown to be false by real Science.

In other words, Extreme Environmentalists believe things that just aren't true!

Is there a better description of Superstition? Or primitive mythos?

Of course, this wouldn't be a problem if they lived and practised their "antescience" lifestyles personally,  and kept to themselves. They'd be no more dangerous or offensive or objectionable than the Amish.

But of course they do not, and are not.

They seek to use the gun of the State, exactly like the Muslim extremists seek to use the Sword of Allah, to force others into obedience to the tenets of their Religion.

Environmental Extremism is the sister Religion to Islamic Extremism...just dressed up in slightly more "modern and compassionate" sounding rhetoric. But the difference is one of style, not substance:

Both religions have strict dietary prohibitions.
Both religions have strict dress codes.
Both religions indoctrinate the young with propaganda rather than Science or Logic.
Both religions demand "faith" rather than "reason" from their adherents.
Both religions demonize the "other", the outsider, the "infidel" as sinful, immoral, unworthy, subhuman.
Both religions have used lethal terror, persecution, bombs.
Both religions seek to tax, fine, or otherwise financially punish non-believers.
Both religions are more interested in political power than spirituality.
Both religions believe that ANY behavior is justified if it advances their goals.
Both religions believe that what is good for their religion is "good", and what's bad for their religion is "bad" regardless of any objective standard of virtue or goodness, or decency.
Neither religion recognizes the right of individuals to reject their "faith".
Neither religion believes there is any limit to the amount of control they should exercise over others.

So....can we please call it what it is? The attack on our culture by the Extreme Environmentalist is RELIGIOUS PERSECTION  by a cadre of cultists who would condemn Prometheus for bringing humanity FIRE (which after all began the murder of trees for firewood...and led to all the other "unnatural" tools and uses of nature through which we have dragged ourselves out of the caves.)

Extreme Environmentalism is a primitive, tyrannical Religion, with an ignorant, superstitious priesthood that demands the return of humanity to the pre-enlightenment dark ages.

Let's not allow ourselves to be tyrannized by a gaggle of witchdoctors who read the future in the entrails of  "protected species."

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. nailed it.

    Now I'm gonna go start a fire from the trees I murdered last year, drink some corn liquor, and blow up some SUVs.

    I'm ready to SIN tonight.

    Yabu True Believer, Protector Of My Species,

  2. Amen!!! I got a bible to pray for the their sorry souls with and my pistols to DEFEND FREEDOM with! May the Lord have Mercy on their souls for I will NOT if they continue to trample on our rights and take it to the level where peace is no longer an option.

  3. You're right and you're wrong (well a bit). As much as I would like to agree with you entirely on this, I can't. It is not the beliefs that are problem, it's the people. There are people who are natural busy-bodies, that want to control what you do, when you do it, and how you do it. There are those that generally let others do as they will - at least within limits.

    Note, I said that the beliefs are not the problem but rather the people. This is not entirely true. There are people who take a general reasonable set of beliefs, conserving the great outdoors (which I agree with), a belief in a supreme being, or preference for certain standards of behavior, e.g., female modesty, and try to impose an extremist version on society either through religion or government. These people have an extremist belief that they should be able to completely control everyone else. Born elsewhere or elsewhen, the environmental extremist would be Muslim fanatics or Catholic Inquistors torturing confessions out of heretics.

  4. PS. I like the what's at the bottom of your sidebar - is it new, I've never noticed it before:

    Copyright (c) The United States Constitution 1791
    All Rights Reserved.

    Particularly "All Rights Reserved." If only Washington understood the meaning of those words...