Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Price of Abandoning the Troops

Big Government makes the necessary observations in this article. And a commenter made the following points that somebody in the military ought to be thinking about:

A few obvious problems with Newsweek's hypothesis.

Hasan never deployed. Hasan never saw combat or spent long time away from "home". Hasan wasn't married and had no children. Hasan received promotions despite his obvious inadequacies and psychological profile. Much like a Harvard Affirmative Action student, Hasan was given every advantage because of his religion and ethnicity, his every flaw overlooked for political correctness sake.

The commanders have a big problem on their hands. Now that the soldiers know their commanders don't have their backs, they may become a bit restless. In fact, they may become a military on the brink.

Who will be willing to serve in a military that casually sacrifices his life for diversity and political correctness?

Beware the seeds you sow, General Casey.

The Gunslinger, EOTIS
Para Bellum


  1. "Beware the seeds you sow" so true, and not just directed at General Casey.

  2. This PC-approach horseshit started REALLY gaining steam in the 90's,under Clinton,and barely waned under Bush.To borrow an idea from a novel by Andrew Klavan ("Relentless"),the object of the usurpers of the American Dream is to corrupt the leadership class,the "Keepers" of the institutions,by-passing the "regular folks" for their intended revolution of society. Shortcut...

  3. Agreed our Brave Armed Forces take it to heart when they do or don't have the support of We The People , If the nutless Acting Commander and Chief is unable to support them in their time of need, like any other Good American then he should step down! His actions and the actions of those under him are going to get alot more people killed if he is unable to call it what it is another terrorist attack on Americans on American soil. It is very bad for their Morale both those in the fight and those about to be deployed! Seems to me that he is more worried about his reputation with the rest of the world, than here in America!

  4. Very true. This bastard should have been forced out long before this...and even under the circumstances...the fact that active duty soldiers on post were not armed to protect themselves because it's a "secure installation" obviously was proved false as well. How's that gub control thing working out for you now? fucking bullshit.

  5. This is not gutlessness. It is purposeful.
    It is a coup.