Sunday, November 01, 2009

Brilliant Analysis of Øbama's Supposed "Intelligence"

Posted by: stuart williamson  (Comment on American Thinker article: Just How Smart is Obama?
The article is good. I think this comment is even better!

It has always ben a source of great irritation for me that Obama is credited for high intelligence by those who should know better, including a majority of much-respected conservative pundits and bloggers. The fact that he graduated in Law with high honors seems , to them, to be proof positive of superior intellect. They manifest the attitude which has contributed to a large degree to the success of the scam the Alinsky/Axelrod organization has perpetrated: an insistence on" being fair" - a fatal weakness in defeating an enemy whose strategy is based on deceit and guerilla tactics.

It isn't just a matter of errors in speech, in elementary history, or geography, or economics, or simple business practices. It is also in lying in matters where his dishonesty is obvious to any reasoning mind. He sat for 20 years in Wright's Cathedral of Black Liberation Gospel and never once observed an anti-American rant. Bill Ayers was just an acquaintance that he ran into occasionaly in the neighborhood. He is a lover of Urdu poetry. Of Pushkin. These are simple-minded, flagrant lies. No person of intelligence would expose his inadequacies by such obvious lying.

And there is the the desperation of his team to maintain total and complete silence on anything that relates to actual achievement: no scholastic records at any level. All "lost". No reference to his performance as a manager in Ayers Annenberg Challenge debacle. No quotes from his publications in Chicago's black newspaper.

And the dim-witted things he does in foreign relations. Gives the Queen of England an ipod of his speeches. A full bow from the waist to an Arab potentate whose high state is totally due to sitting on an ocean of oil. Endlessly criticizing his predecessor. Cottoning up to communist bana public tin-pot Jefes. These are not the acts of an intelliigent person, aware of his world stature. His rhetoric, delivered with great panache and air of plausibiliy, does not stand up well to fair analysis. It is largely elaborate platitude.

The aggregation of all these revealing clues of a second-class mind, of great limitations in wisdom and probity, of a lack of sound reasoning and judgment in areas critical to god governance and leadership, makes claims of an IQ of 145 (approaching that of Einstein), or of being the smartest guy ever to be President, laughable. Or brings you to tears of rage.

JFK and GWB, I have read, both had an IQ of 119. Mensa level is just over 130. You will see Obama's IQ over Axelrod's dead body. It is probably around 110. He's not a man of high intelligence. He's wily. he's well trained and handled. He is like a vaudeville dog that can do backward flips on command, to loud applause. He is certainly undeserving of the Presidency of our great nation. His election was based on an Audacious HOAX. His whole campaign was, and remains, an unbelievably brazen fraud.

And yet wise lawyers and academics on nationally respected internet sites insist on treating him with respect!!!!!


  1. GET A ROPE..... HE LIED: HE IS ALQUideA !!!!!

  2. All I can say is it's going to be a long and painful 4 years with this clown posse in charge.

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