Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Lords vs The People

Jeff Pope does not mince words. And I think we'd better pay attention to them. He's got it exactly right. Something that We ThePeople, are starting to figure out.

His question, "Who Will Win?" is the most important one of our long and glorious history. Which way will we go...into the perdition our "leaders" are rushing to...or will we take back our country in spite of them?

If you don't read anything else this week, read this:

Representatives Must Pledge to Represent the People:
Here's how we can hold our leaders accountable to the freedom-loving voters who elect them.

"...The political class, however, regards this as naive and unsophisticated, the blathering of those who “don’t know how things really work.” To them it is the power game, both at the office-holding level and in the competition for position among themselves, which is the reality. Lying, strong-armed tactics, pork barrel bribery, midnight spending, personal privileges, and backroom corruption are all part of the game, and they admire those who do these things well. Within their ranks, it is most acceptable to act in a manner befitting a political aristocracy and to convey upon oneself the merit to belong in it. The rare politician who is driven by principle, and the one who really means the ethical statements he or she makes, is considered “a problem” to the leaders of their own party and a sop to the members of the other. So too the politician endeavoring to represent the wishes of his or her district against the directives of the party leadership."

"...The people have never been more angry and afraid; nor has the federal government been more intent on doing whatever it takes to force their power over us at every level. Therein lies the question that will determine the direction America will take in the next ten years: who will win?"
Pope presents a strategy for taking our country back. And it might even work. It's right out of the Glenn Beck playbook. It's time to stop doing the same old thing expecting different results.

The Revolution is ON. Hope you're signed up.

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State
Member of The Revolution

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