Friday, July 31, 2009

How To Order The Wolf Post Cards

Giving Anon (EOTIS)'s suggestion a try, I tried to make ordering these (see below) easier. I called Overnight Prints and talked to a very helpful man about how we could make the process simple, by just requesting a reorder of the same design.

But in every case, it required that everyone have access to a lot of my personal information, which made me uncomfortable...and adding my card to their inventory was a no, in the final analysis, it comes down to this:

If you would like to order the cards, you'll have to email me at: and I will email you the art files (two for a two-sided post card), and you can go to Overnight Prints, and follow their instructions for uploading and ordering.

Of course, you'll only have to do it once. Once you have can use it as many times as you'd like. And, once you order with Overnight Prints, you can just go to their website and "reorder".

NOTE: Please remember to leave a comment on any post letting me know that you're emailing to me. I receive comments daily, and it will alert me to check yahoo for your email.

Sorry I couldn't have made it easier.

The Gunslinger
Enemy of the Imperial State (EOTIS)
Vampire/Cannibal Hunter
Mama of the Wolf Pack

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