Tuesday, March 08, 2022

My "Names" List...Didn't Write it...Just Found it!

Hey biden, I don't agree with you. So what? Now you are going to do what? Find another name to call me? 

I wear your insults with pride:
I'm a DENIER for questioning faulty, cherry picked and falsified climate data?
I'm a RACIST because I criticized anyone on the left?
I'm a TERRORIST because I want to practice my Second Amendment rights?
I'm a TEABAGGER for supporting the Constitution?
I'm a NATIONALIST because I love my country?
I'm a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT because I speak my mind?
I'm an ISLAMAPHOBE because I think sharia law is sedition and should not replace our Constitution.
I'm a HOMOPHOBE because I won't celebrate the gay life style.
I'm a TRAITOR because I want to expose the corruption occurring in my government?
I'm a CONSPIRACY THEORIST because I post facts?
I am UN-AMERICAN for supporting our President Trump?
I am a WARMONGER because I support our troops?
I'm a GREEDY CAPITALIST because I believe I am entitled to keep what I earned?
I'm a SEXIST and MISOGYNIST because I hold doors open for women?
I'm a WHITE SUPREMACIST because I think every life matters?
I'm a DEPLORABLE because I won't back a blatantly corrupt authoritarian.
I'm UNESSENTIAL because my ways of making a living are shut down by an illegal govt. decree.
I'm SELFISH because I want businesses back open.
I am not going to change just because Biden is Butthurt and doesn't agree with me or I with him.


  1. You are not alone, we are legion. We are the true Americans.

  2. I'm sure that list will expand as the Left feels compelled to lash out against any opposition. How about we add xenophobe for supporting enforcement of our immigration laws and control of our borders?

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