Saturday, August 05, 2017

Comment of the (yester) Day...

I found this in a "drafts" folder, after putting all my stuff on a new computer. It's from before the election, but I still like it:

"Trump is both isn't he? A reactionary talisman to a breathtaking progressive agenda, and the lone knight who will go into battle for We the People to upend a system of personal enrichment and an absence of public accountability. Not a politician, he's not going to pause and think who he owes fidelity to before he speaks. He is supremely confident, as he should be, after a lifetime of success in his chosen endeavors. Have confidence in him, support him, use your intellect to explain his importance to friends, family and acquaintances in an effort to effect a Massive Vote. The Dems, as you are aware, won't quit. And now, we finally have a Warrior."

Blue Steel
American thinker

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