Friday, July 14, 2017

They Can Do Whatever They Want...

A violent, wife-beating immigrant has been declared "incompetent" to stand trial in America...

...because he comes from heathen Africa, and is insufficiently civilized to understand the laws/rules/customs/proper behavior among the civilized Western peoples of America.

(Not MY conclusion, but those of the LAWYER & JUDGE!)

Apparently he was allowed to enter America without a single notion of how decent people behave, and without any requirement that he follow the laws of his new country.

Apparently his lawyer and the judge believe he can continue acting as though he still lives in a mud hut in the Congo, and will, therefore, be immune to American law.

What a great precedent, eh? What great legal mind came up with this decision?

That sounds like a perfect opening for other, say....muzlim terrorists, to be declared "incompetent" to be prosecuted in America—no matter how many they kill or maim?

Does anybody NOT see the potential nightmare stemming from this idiocy?

It really is hard to overstate the total imbecility of liberals.


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