Thursday, July 13, 2017

My Comment of the Day*

"Right" and "Left" are relative terms in the first place.

 And really don't translate from one culture to another (Just like "Conservative").

Totalitarian/Socialist/Communist/Fascist all mean the same thing in the end: Total power of the State.

There is little to differentiate among them. Calling a Nazi "right-wing" does not diminish the fact they the Nazi wants all and total power in the hands of the State.

But that is what so-called "right wing" Americans are precisely against.

The labels can be fluid, but reality matters. "Right Wingers" in America are for Constitutionally limited government; dead set against a powerful State.

"Left Wingers" in America today, are for totalitarian control by the State.

Whatever you call them...that is the fundamental, indisputable difference.

In America, "Conservative" is someone who want to "conserve" our Constitutional form of government.

In Russia, a "Conservative" might be someone who wants to "conserve" the old Soviet Style government. Or even the older Czarist form of government.

In Africa, "left-wing" might mean full-on tribal warfare. And Conservative might mean a desire to return to European rule. Or exactly the opposite.

There is no LEFT and RIGHT.

There is only TYRANNY and FREEDOM.


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