Friday, July 28, 2017

John McCain - American Traitor

I hope John McCain dies of cancer soon.

It's quite likely, by his vote to kill repeal of Øbamacare he has condemned the United States to a future of single-payer, government-run "healthcare" with its attendant deterioration of medical science, and the unnecessary and premature deaths of millions.

Thanks, Johnny-boy. You're a real hero.

I hope you die.

Oh, but WAIT! Johnny-boy has SUPERIOR healthcare! As a member of the House of Lords, he and his scum buddies, the progressives, have exempted themselves from the abomination they foisted on peasants like you and me... he'll get the BEST care, the MOST EXPENSIVE care, the most CUTTING EDGE care FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE, no matter whether he quits the Senate, lives to 110, chain smokes Lucky Strikes at 3 packs a day, becomes a heroin addict, fucks monkeys, or eats himself to 600 lbs.

While the rest of use find ourselves at the equivalent of the VA; dying while waiting for that 3-months-out appointment to see a nurse practitioner.

Fuck you, Johnny.

I hope you die.




  1. I understand your frustrations with Senator McCain. I am frustrated with him also and the rest of the idiots that propagate the political theater. Sounds bites and headlines boiling down complex issues to catch phrases, using coded words to hide from the truth. But even with all of that, I don't think we need to wish death on someone. As judge and jury, I am sure I could conceive a long list of people who continue to use the American public for their own gain and deserve a just punishment. McCain would be close to the top of my list as a traitor to his own words. But I resist wishing death on any of them.
    Keep the faith - keep the fight - keep encouraging others.

  2. McCain will still die. They will be unable to save him. Let's hope he goes faster than normal.