Friday, July 28, 2017

Charlie Died...

 Little Charlie Gard has Died.

The GOVERNMENT  decided to kill little Charlie Gard.

The GOVERNMENT decided that it owned Charlie, not his own parents—and it could do whatever it wanted. Including killing him - "legally".

The GOVERNMENT misdiagnosed Charlie's condition, and did not give him the right medicine/treatment - making him sicker and closer to death.

Then the GOVERNMENT decided that Charlie could not leave the country for potential life-prolonging/saving treatment - because it owned him, and wouldn't own him anymore if he left the country. (Can't have the serfs escaping. Can you imagine the example THAT would have set??)

The GOVERNMENT condemned little SAVE-ABLE Charlie to death, because it doesn't care; it is run by soulless ghouls who only want Money Status and Power for themselves and over others, and do not care AT ALL about citizens....or as they prefer to call them: The Peasants.

The GOVERNMENT even decided that Charlie's parents could not take him home to die; he was REQUIRED to die in the government hospice...

...'Cause maybe his parents might have done something to save their little boy or at least make him more comfortable in familiar surroundings. And they DIDN'T HAVE ANY RIGHT to do that....and the GOVERNMENT made sure to prevent that at all costs.

Go ahead. Let your hate, and outrage, and fury boil over. Let's get together and make sure this never happens here in the US—EVER!

And make sure the government that behaved this way in the UK is matter WHAT it takes.

Your baby could be next.

* * *

Johnny-Boy McCain has almost single-handedly assured that THIS is the kind of "healthcare" coming to the United States.

This is what Single-Payer, Government-Run "Healthcare" looks like.

Never, ever doubt it.

If you do, even for a moment, consider the VA in America...letting Combat Veterans, who FOUGHT for their country, wasting away and DYING while the GOVERNMENT bureaucracy ignored their issues, concerns, emergencies, and critical need of medical care.

God I hate them all.

It's too bad you can't just shoot the bastards.



  1. The government killed poor little Charlie. They must be so proud of themselves!! They're so wise and powerful, killing off a defenseless baby barely able to breathe.

  2. How DID it come to this?
    I ashamed to be a human being sometimes.