Friday, May 26, 2017

Hate Izlam or DIE

I was listening to some moronic news-hag talking about the recent Manchester terrorist attacks in the way that moronic progressive media types are wont to do...trying hard to pretend that the filth & disease that is izlam had nothing to do with it.

And in a blinding moment, I realized the central reality of this fight.

I hate izlam. (As should every civilized human being.)

And muzlims. (As should every civilized human being.)

I don't want to know any. I don't want any in my neighborhood, my town, my school, my place of employment, my favorite stores, bars, restaurants.

I don't want to see them, talk to them, be courteous to them, pretend they are equal partners in the American dream.

I hate muzlims.

And will continue to do so until izlam and muzlims  do something about izlamic terrorism.

That's all. The end. No compromise. No bargains. No discussion. No deals.

It's entirely up to them.

It's their religion. It's their co-religionists.  It's their criminals. It's their "holy" book. It's their extremists. It's their savages. It's their barbarians. It's their destroyed nations and civil societies. It's their murderous poison. It's their demented insanity.

And it damned-fucking time THEY did something about it!

When they start watching, stopping, monitoring, policing, harassing, arresting, charging, punishing terrorists, terrorist cells, terrorist networks, terrorist imams, and terrorist mosques, I'll consider accepting them as equal members of the human race and potential fellow-Americans.

Until then, while they whine and cry and whimper about how badly they're treated, and how much they're hated, while they do NOTHING to stop fellow muzlims from slaughtering innocents all across the globe...I'll just continue to assume the obvious:

1) That they don't WANT to stop their co-religionist terrorists.

2) That they hate anyone who is not a muzlim.

3) That they agree with their filthy koran that all "infidels" should be murdered.

4) That they may be personally unwilling to martyr themselves for allah, they're perfectly okay with others doing so, no matter how many innocent "infidels" they murder.

5) That they, their religion, their clerics, their entire "congregation" are in a war against the West and anyone who is not muzlim, and they will continue to kill and maim and destroy civilization until we are all in the state of barbarism natural to islam...if they are not stopped by people even more dangerous than they are.

6) That they want to convince us not to fight—by pretending it isn't izlam...but just some random, angry they can keep us from waging real war against the real enemy: IZLAM itself & MUZLIMS themselves. And thus can more easily conquer us.


If anyone asks, yep, I hate izlam and muzlims. And it's entirely up to them to change that. All they have to do is behave like responsible, adult, 21st century civilized human beings, and see to it that their "brethren" do as well...under pain of punishment, imprisonment or death.

I don't much care which.




  1. islam does not permit of any changes, any reform. mo-ham-med was the "perfect man", and the only one able to make changes was mo-ham-med (look up "abrogation", folks).

    There are no "radical" muslims. There are no "moderate" muslims. There are only muslims, apostates ("once were muslim" - now are worse than infidels, and the qur'an calls for their death), and non-muslims (aka "infidels" -not to be mistaken for "dead Fidels").

    Some muslims are apostates, who do not follow the qur'an the way islam requires them to, but they cling to calling themselves muslims because it allows them to beat and starve their wives, to force their wives to have sex - including anal sex - whenever they want it (and to beat and starve them if they resist), to kill their daughters and other female relatives if they "dishonor" the family, to have sex with infants and with other men (the Ayatollah Khomeini, former religious leader of Iran wrote a book about proper conduct which included these permissions), and all the other perversions allowed - or commanded - by the qur'an.

    islam is indeed vile. True believers - the orthodox, correct followers of the qur'an, real muslims - either practice islam correctly - as ISIS does - or pretend to "coexist" with non-muslims until they have gathered in large enough numbers to feel safe exposing their real beliefs and true nature. Until then, they practice taqiyya (lying, deception) and kitman (only speaking partial truth, hiding the full, whole truth).

    When they have gathered in strength - as in France, Sweden, Norway, England and elsewhere, they rape and/or grope women and girls (and even young boys) with impunity, attack non-muslims and kill them, with guns, knives, cars and trucks, and bombs, and then complain loudly when anyone questions the insanity of those countries actually allowing more of these vile creatures within their borders.

    And to any of you snowflakes and muslim apologists out there, two facts: other religions stopped their abusive practices - like the Inquisition - centuries ago, and now whatever abuses occur (like pedophile Catholic priests and bishops) are done by individuals, NOT as a command of their religion. islam - being a cult with political aspirations - commands the evil acts and perversions as a _feature_ of islam, where _every_ muslim is required to obey the commands of the qur'an - the killing, the beheadings as done by ISIS daily, the child marriages culminating in child rapes, and all of the other many perversions approved by the child-raping "perfect man", mo-ham-med - the prophet of allah, the moon-god of desert scum.

    1. "There are no "radical" muslims. There are no "moderate" muslims. There are only muslims..."

      My own is: "There are no 'moderate' muzlims, there are only 'outnumbered' muzlims."

  2. If you're going to count, count accurately, otherwise you're a holocaust denier. What Muslims are is low-tech; Christians deliver their bombs to the marketplace with drones. Compare numbers of Christian-culture bombs vs. Muslim-culture bombs in the last 100 years. Catholic priests molest boys, and we can tell it's part of the religion because it's so widespread and protected by that religious hierarchy.

  3. Muslims are low-tech simply because they refuse to join the rest of us who have left the seventh century behind. The volume of muslim terrorist acts far surpasses anything the Christians do - and drones are not done by Christians - the elite of our government (and others that use drones as well) are not Christians, no matter whether they "identify" as Protestants, Unitarians, or whatever. Unless you are referring to CIA ("Christians In Action"), which was meant as a joke, in case you didn't get the memo.

    So, get _your_ facts straight, and don't ever even think of calling me a Holocaust (Shoah) denier, buddy. And as much as I dislike Catholicism (quit it when I turned 14), the number of pedophile priests - while way too fricking high - is still but a fraction of the total number of priests who actually are moral, compassionate individuals. If you were molested as an altar boy, you have my condolences, but get _your_ "count" accurate instead of posting this sort of non-truth.

    1. It also proves my point that people who make comments such as this don't have the balls to post with a name, preferring to hide behind "anonymous". Yeah, Reg is my real name.

  4. Posting as anonymous is a successful defense which prevents people from harassing me instead of addressing my points.

    Priests who you falsely believe are moral, compassionate individuals are exactly like "good" cops: they refuse to stop the bad cops.

    wikipedia Accessory (legal term):

    An accessory is a person who assists in the commission of a crime, but who does not actually participate in the commission of the crime as a joint principal. The distinction between an accessory and a principal is a question of fact and degree

    Same analysis applies to "good" Muslims, and "good" Christian middle class voters who vote to support the American imperial colonial war machine.

    The volume of muslim terrorist acts far surpasses anything the Christians do

    How much do Muslim countries spend on military imperialism? How many foreign military bases do Muslim countries have, compared to America? You are a generic-holocaust denier because you won't assign the same moral badness to the same evil behavior, when your team is doing it. You have been successfully seduced/confused/bamboozled into rooting for the home team, merely because it's the home team.

    1. Anon, you'll find no friends here. You are defending a barbarous Satanic Death Cult.

      The nonsense you spew to try to draw comparisons between it and legitimate religions is farcical.

      Izlam, like Nazism, must be obliterated from the face of the earth.

      The only reason muzlims breathe today is the forbearance of the decent, moral Christian West, who keeps hoping they can be convinced to live in peace.

      My own opinion is that they cannot, and will not, and must be dealt with appropriately.

  5. Straw man. Please read what I wrote, not what you wish I had written. I'm not defending Islamic political behavior, I'm saying Islamic political behavior is a drop in the sea compared to American political behavior. Islam is a red herring. Who holds a million Americans in prison who haven't injured others? Who banned affordable healthcare? Who took away the middle classes' retirement? Not Islam.

  6. That you would even begin to compare the savagery and barbarity of izlam with anything in the West displays your ignorance.

    I am perfectly aware of what you said, and what you think.

    I consider you an apologist for izlam as a result.

    Your argument is specious and stupid. It doesn't hold up. It doesn't hold water. It is not logical, it is wishful thinking in a pathetic attempt to minimize the unspeakable nature of izlam.

  7. That you would even begin to compare the power projection capability of Islam with anything in the West displays your acceptance of the American civic religion. I consider you an apologist for Western government as a result. I don't think you have bad intent, I think you have normalcy bias.